Put the squeeze on your sensitive bits

As a lady into nipple stimulation and not afraid of dipping her toe into the kinky side of life, I was thrilled to give Spartacus Y-Style Broad Tip Clamps a try. The design was sleek and sexy –just the way I like it – and they certainly got the job done.

Y-style Nipple Clamps with Clit Clamp by Spartacus ($34.99)

Material: Metal, rubber

Color: Metallic

Length: 25”

Turn ons

The clamps (at least the nipple clamps – see below) do their job. If you love having your nipples tugged on during sex, the sensation is enjoyable.

I’ve never had a problem getting the nipple clamps to stay on. I could even more around somewhat extensively without having them slip off.

The clamps are also adjustable. If you experience pain (well, more pain than you wish to experience), you can turn a small knob and loosen the grip of the clips. Likewise, if you want a little more bite, you can twist it the other way to tighten the clamp.

There are little plastic pads on the clamps, which means that the cold sharp metal doesn’t have to touch your sensitive lady parts or nipples.

While I’m obviously not a male, the clamps can certainly be utilized by a man, who can probably find some creative use for the clit clamp.

The appearance of the clamps while being worn is definitely a turn-on, at least to me, and give the user a very sexy look.

The construction was pretty study and didn't even begin to show any wear after several uses.

The ring in the middle can be tugged on for additional sensations. If you have a small weight, you can attach it for some major pulling.

Turn offs

The clit clamp would not stay on, no matter how hard I tried. I tightened it and readjusted it and the clamp still slid off. After a while, I got fed up with it and removed the clit clamp altogether. If you’re overly wet, try removing some of the moisture from your clitoral hood by dabbing it with a towel.

Another drawback is how the plastic padding of the clamps tends to stick to your skin, making removal slightly painful, especially post-orgasm when everything feels hyper-sensitive. Try using a bit of lube to keep it from sticking.

The price is too damn high. These $35 nipple clamps, which come with no accessories, cost $5 less than the Lelo Ella, $6 more than 10-function risqué, $10 more than Posh Pocket Toyfriend by Tickler, $14 more than Calypso 2 by California Exotics and $20 more than Black Magic 7”. It simply costs too damn much to just be a repackaged wallet chain.

The Bottom Line:

While I didn’t get much use out of the clit clamp, the nipple clamps are top notch and have definitely found a place in my regular kitty-taming sessions. I’d recommend the nipple clamps in a second but your mileage may vary on the clit clamp.

Review unit provided by Eden Fantasys

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