"Two Spectacular Femmes!" CrashPad Series Ep 230: Kitty Stryker and Jetta Rae

Check it out here: https://crashpadseries.com/queer-porn/?episode=episode-230-kitty-stryker-jetta-rae

I cant make a link for some effing reason so copy paste!

Proof that no matter how cute you’re able to be, you’re not getting away with not following orders. Jetta Rae has all the witty banter but that means nothing to Kitty Stryker who hits us with the toppy goodness we know we want.

These two spectacular femmes bring us this wildly flustering video that plays to my love of consent in porn but also the humor that exists in that space.  Also, the fact that anyone is able to even form coherent sentences in front of a topping Kitty Stryker is beyond me. Jetta, you’re a bad ass!

This video has it all; witty banter, kinktastic femmes, and a great behind the scenes look of the communication that goes into a scene for this lovely pair!

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