How to promote your sex blog the smarter way

I've been doing this sex blogging thing for a long time. Over that time, I've collected a bunch of tips and techniques to making my blog shine. With 15,000 monthly views, when I'm not regularly posting, I think I've done pretty well. 

Since I also want others to do well, I've compiled some the most effective ways I've found to get my sex blog out there. These tips and suggestions for sex blog promotion are only from my experience, so they're not gospel. Still, I'm sure this info will help someone take their blog to the next level.

Content discovery


Blog directories


Podcast directories


Social sites

  • Facebook
    • Strengths: Images, gifs and auto play videos. Highly targeted ads and the largest user base.
    • Weaknesses: Low organic reach, paid reach doesn't provide much help in terms of clicks for my content. Make sure to add captions to your videos, helps with the auto-mute.
  • Twitter
    • Hashtags - Use
    • Tweet @ influencers, but engage them before sharing your content. It helps to have these people interviewed on your site. It helps build a rapport.
    • Strengths: High organic reach, large user of hash tags and the opportunity to jump in on conversations had by anyone anywhere. Also, porn is cool there. Blogs and news agencies often pick up tweets to share, which gets you more exposure.
    • Weaknesses: Requires a lot of attention to every changing trend. Lots of work is needed to narrow down a selection of people to follow.
  • Tumblr
    • Hash tags: Use, very effective
    • Strengths: High reach, many kinds of blog posts can succeed. Personal blogs that include a wide range of interests can often be successful.
    • Weakness:
    • New original content is king
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram - Instagram is like Twitter for images. You can't really schedule posts without paying and the services all coast too much. Think quality of images and hashtag use. Don't be afraid to late gram (post images) after events happen. It's better to post the pics and get your followers than focus on constantly making new content.
  • Reddit
    • Participate and share relevant content. Pure promotion will be called out and ineffective in the long term.
    • Pick sub-reddits carefully. These communities are very insular.


  • Guest blogs
  • Build an app
  • Feedburner - Adds an extra URL layer between your site and
  • Xbiz
  • Email newsletters
  • Interview others
  • Talk about your stuff
  • Content syndication
  • Creative Commons licensing - Give your content away and sell an experience
  • Giveaways - Including exclusive content of yours
  • Make sharing easier -
  • AddThis - powerful sharing tools for free and some business levels options paid. They work on desktop and mobile. The absolute easiest way to make any site more sharable.
  • Google Analytics to track metrics in a more detailed way

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