VeDO Diver vibrating butt plug review


VeDO Diver Vibrating Butt plug - Review

After roughly 5 years reviewing sex toys, I took a well-deserved break. In that time, the landscape has changed dramatically and I’m excited. Enough so, my two-year hiatus has come to an end! Thankfully vibrating butt plug VeDO Diver is a pretty solid reintroduction.

Vibrating butt plugs were and remain one of those much-underserved product categories in sex toys. Even today, they exist in little variety are usually battery powered, with weak motors, and a disappointing level water sensitivity. VeDO Diver, on the other hand, offers a strong build quality, solid vibrations, good battery life, USB recharging, and great pricing. Plus, it’s fully waterproof!

• TL;DR – Buy if you like anatomical sizing & medium buzz.  
• Price - $40
• Materials – Silicone
• 3/10 loudness
• 6.5/10 strength
• Running time - 1 hour (never had it die on me)
• Height : 4.9 inches (12.5 cm) 
• Width : 1.1 inches (2.8 cm) (at widest point)
• Available Colors: Blue and Black


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to clean
  • Not too big
  • The finish is very soft and smooth on the anus
  • The variety of settings are distinct and enjoyable
  • Would be equally great in the vagina
  • Great for warm up


  • Because of the button placement you can’t sit on it at all
  • If you lose the end cap you can still use it but it loses all it’s waterproof abilities

What I use it for:

VeDO Diver is a really good toy lounge around with. While I wish it was more plug shaped for secure holding in the butt, my partner’s bottom finds it quite comfortable regardless.
Usually, if I’m not in the mood for a longer sex session, I’ll have him pop it just after he douches to warm up and get ready. It doesn’t tend to be a main play toy nor something I’d use for a stroke. It’s short body limits it in that way but makes it exceedingly comfortable for everything it is good for.
That shorter body is part of why my guy can just slide it in while we cuddle watching Netflix or during the oral I enjoy so much. Even a size queen needs a little something now and then. This little something does a lot more than I thought.


I really like the single button operation. If you’ve used a single button sex toy in the last decade, you’ll know exactly how to use it without any instructions. Sure it’s standard by now, but I think we all know “innovation” that’s mostly a headache. Plus, when you hold the button down to turn it off, it remembers your setting!
Charging is easy. Twist off the silver button and plug it in. Unfortunately, it’s not a USB standard – it’s a different AC standard male to USB plug. You will be able to find a replacement, but you’ll first need to research what kind it is. I did not do that. Fingers crossed I don’t lose it; I would actually pay for another, but I don’t wanna.
I mention charging before performance for flow. I never experienced it dying. I can’t precisely attest, but it certainly lasts through sessions of well over the stated 1 hour battery life. I do charge after cleaning, though.
Diver’s vibration is smooth, satisfyingly strong, and quiet; when it’s in my guy, I can’t hear it at all. The vibrations themselves are plentiful, powerful, & penetrating. They don’t go all over the place, the sensations are localized. Theirs little prostate stimulation, unless the nub is pointed directly on it. Still, he says it feels great on the anus. I would compare it to the We Vibe Tango in terms of strength and pleasure. Although, the body is larger, softer, and actually built for anal stimulation.


Speaking of build, it’s exceptional for a device that’s only $40. It’s solid but light. The weight is balanced about 3 inches from the base where the motor is, which work well in use. The outer silicone is smoother than I’m used to and it’s nice. It’s got much less friction than most silicone toys. The color is not as rich as the photo. There’s more of a matte finish to it, which makes the color slightly different.
The button/cap is not exactly as premium as the rest of the device. The silver finish on plastic thing rarely works our well in my experiences. I feel like a matte finish would really work well. The button is solid, though and the whole cap situation is very easy to open and close regardless. The water resistance hasn’t failed so far. As long as I remember to tighten the cap properly, it shouldn’t fail.


If you’re looking for a vibrating plug, you’ll have a hard time doing better for the price. VeDO has done a remarkable job from construction to function with the Diver vibrating plug. Honestly, if version two could include wireless charging or just a more popular standard like USB on both ends, it’d be practically perfect. I’d also like to see them drop the silver nob for a matching matte cap, but that’s simply an aesthetic thing. 

Peepshow Toys offered me this toy for free in exchange for an honest review. They also carry The Butters Lube. Still, you know I’m not recommending anything unless I like it. Also, links go to Peepshow toys but I don’t get any affiliate cash from that.

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