Buy followers without shame

 Clearly I don't buy followers but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

Clearly I don't buy followers but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

When it comes to getting your paper, short of disobeying the law - superseded in most cases by your values – I’m for it. In my weathered heart, I know capitalism is essentially a declaration of civil war between every individual person. So, all’s fair. As such, in the battle of brand awareness or the arms race of sales, I say juice the numbers, buy the followers or likes on Facebook and get those goddamn partnerships. Even though it will likely give you an edge over me and some other community minded folks there’s a few more important factors to consider: this is war, followers like money are only as valuable as we make them, and you didn’t start the dumpster fire of capitalism.   

I have no reservation in my promotion of buying followers either. What I said up top “capitalism is essentially  a declaration of civil war,” is not hyperbole. When you throw every person into the world with no guarantee that they can afford to live a single day without profiteering, you’re forcing folks to fight for scraps metal and paper to exist in peace.

I’ve experienced the armor piercing blow of: You’re fired, get out. No explanation, no severance, no warning. Just eff you, byeeeeeee. For the average person, this could mean homelessness, illegal activities or forced sex work. For a person who’s even worse off, it’s almost guaranteed. Therefore, if you’re capable of getting to the point where buying followers means profit for you, do it.

Followers on their own have no meaning. We all may unconsciously agree on a meaning of those followers but it’s not a very good estimation of almost anything. As such, if you meet a person or entity who sees value in what you got, you are entitled to accept their value offered. You are entitled to withhold information which could lessen your value in their eyes. You are entitled to play the game of capitalism.

In this year, and for the last century, the average person has had nearly no voice on how the economics of our country and world have developed. The fact is the ones with power have played the game of capitalism so well, they changed the rules. They continue to change the rules as their wealth and power dictates. Businesses are people and people must be businesses in the game of capitalism. No other game piece will allow you to go anywhere else but jail and bankruptcy.  

The game is set up for you to fail and spectacularly so. If richer and more powerful people – even effing presidents – can buy followers to goose their rankings or build visibility, you can too. While it’s not ideal, it’s what we got: a dumpster fire of an economy that’s just waiting to burn us all. Its going to happen eventually, no matter what we do. I don’t know about you but I’d rather live a little more comfortably while we await our inevitable incineration.

Sure, in an ideal world, there would be no need for the paper chase and rat race. Unfortunately, you run and chase or die. So do your best and hope you burn when you feel like it and not a moment before.

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