First Hand Fisting/Anal Guaging Tips: moving up from penis or large toys to fist


These are a living collection of anal gauging, gaping, and beginner fisting tips for tops and bottoms. No bullshit, like always. These are gathered from firsthand experience and encompass a wide range of info. If you’re working from dick to fist, trying to get over the last hump to full insertion, or just looking for some hole tested tips for better fist fucking, this is the guide for you!

The top and bottom info is together because we need to know both. You can't expect everyone to know everything about working a hole. It's better to have the info to share vs shrugging or making uneducated guesses when it comes to keeping your intestines healthy and not ruptured. Happy punching.


·       Tools

·       Maintaining your space

·       Butt hygiene

·       Positioning

·       Party enhancing drugs

·       Fluids

·       What my scenes are like

·       Gauging specific tips

·       Fisting specific tips




Lube – Crisco is fine but doesn't mix well with butt juices. The Butters Lube Aloe X Shea & Cocoa Butter are good for early gauging, fucking, and tissue care, but it's not got the viscosity needed for fisting. The Butters Lube: Palm Grease is for more advanced anal stretching, when working up to or taking a fist or 2. Whatever your choice, try and find something more nourishing than x lube, j lube or whatever. Those are lubricating but don’t help your tissues stretch at all. So, if growth is what you're after, the water solutions aren't always best.

Toys – Glass plugs, pool balls, glass wands, anal tunnels, square peg, Mr Hankey. Get into it. I personally love a big glass plug for its heft, firmness, price, looks, and sheer difficulty. I know many prefer silicone, but the texture of glass can’t be beat. Still, don’t be afraid of the two companies mentioned by name. Both are beloved in the fist fucking and anal stretching community. They make some amazing looking silicone toys, though I’ll have to wait until rent is paid this month to plop down on our new bigger plug! Their pricing is reasonable but still about $100 for where we’re at size wise and worth every penny.

 As far as more advanced furniture - They seem cool and have stuff for fat sluts. Their hefty sling frame takes up to 650lbs! Since I love big bitches, this is awesome. I will have to save up to actually purchase one. They have been cool on twitter, though!

Space maintenance

Get some washable pads used for incontinence or disposable puppy pads. They're way better than towels, for this situation, which can be messy but usually isn't. They can also be set on the ground to catch run off, if that’s needed.

Get a mattress protector, washable.

Black sheets or red. Honestly, this is less of a concern but why not kinkify things the whole way, eh? Some people get absorbent washable sheets but honestly, they’re too expensive for my tastes.

If you choose to forgo the puppy pads, make sure you have something on the ground to catch run off, if you’re going to get that messy. Honestly, with experience, it’s become less messy. I also use a thick oil-based lube, which doesn’t drip as much as the stringy water-based lubes or even my Butters Lubes. With different variables, you’ll have a different experience.

All that being said, if you’re in a house without specific sex furniture, get a couple large


Butt Cleanliness

Douche – Get a shower attached enema. Short bursts to fill your rectum only. Warm water, never cold, unless you like abdominal cramps. Here’s my guide to anal cleaning

Fiber pills - there's many brands market at gay men but they're just as good as what I'm going to recommend: Phylum husk capsules. I use Now brand but have no feelings about it, which is exactly the point. It does the job excellently. So well, in fact, my negative ass can't actually find anything bad to say! Take as directed.

Hand Hygiene

·        trim and file smooth. Moisturize and exfoliate your hands regularly to prevent splitting nail beds. Invest in a simple kit of nail files/Emory boards. This needs to be done every time, make a daily habit if needed. Even a small tip of nail could be a problem.

·       Also, wash your hands or use some hand sanitizer. If you happen to create a cut, you're less likely to introduce bacteria into the blood stream. Plus, there's the general rule that butt bacteria should stay where it is. So, sanitizing afterwards isn't a bad idea either. We're primally fucking but we’re also adults.



I personally prefer the bottom on their back. This gives me the most access and comfort, but this is really a decision made per hole and fist. It just depends on how your bottom is comfy and getting the right angle to work them over.

Bondage helps, especially if you don’t have a sling or fuck bench. A bondage bar or under bed restrain system will offer the bottom a chance to relax and really focus. It’ll also offer some good ways to practice flexibility when not getting used.


Party Enhancing Drugs

No's: Anything not listed below. Yes, that includes alcohol.

Poppers – l'm still figuring this one out. The first time I added it to play with my bottom also led to the first case of bleeding. It helped to open him up but also put him out of commission for 3 days. Use with caution. It allows for muscle relaxation but not skin or anal tissues.

Lidocaine – very useful, preferred over poppers. Helps with stretching without complete disconnection. Used several times and we've never had problems. Available otc and inexpensively. Typical, I don't recommend numbing agents, but my personal usage leads me to feel more comfortable. They take away surface discomfort only. You’ll still know if you’re going too far when using this one. The same isn’t true of poppers, in my experience.

Weed – look I'm stoned all the time. I suggest it but you probably already have your feelings. Culturally, we’re past this discussion.


THE WIDE WORLD OF FLUIDS: Piss/Blood/Cum/Shit/Mucus:  

Piss - This is a more important consideration than I realized. Depending on the stars’ alignment, you could run into a pissy little bottom, due to the pounding you’re providing the prostate and practically attached bladder. Although I don’t consider myself a piss player, I have never had it happen and wanted to stop what I was doing. Typically, if I’m in a hole, I will do anything to stay there. That’s partly why puppy pads & paper towels are so useful. Piss is a very common scenario because of simple anatomy, be prepared and keep the mood flowing.

Blood – has only ever happened with the use of poppers - very effective but my boy wasn’t ready to stretch that far. That being said, it can happen, and you should be prepared for the inevitability. If it’s more than a few specks, you’ll probably be wrapping things up for the session. The intestines bleed like crazy when punctured and the bottom will likely need at least a day to heal enough for play without further damage. The main problem is that once torn, it’ll keep tearing at the same area until it’s healed. So, I personally give it at least 3 days for fucking and 5-7 for more fisting. Of course, your bottom will have to be the one who leads here. If they’re bleeding, they’re risking sepsis and death, under the right set of circumstances. Although a hot 99.999% of cases never result in more than a little down time, if you’re not careful a tiny, meaningless tear could become a much bigger issue.

Cum – hey, if you’re doing this right there should be a steady trail of cum dripping and globing out of your bottom. Like this is literally what we’re here for: that incredibly satisfying caress of a colon and full body pulsations caused by prostate pounding.  Take care to account for where this thinner prostate fluid is gonna drip off to.

Shit – As I’ve said for a decade now here on LTASEX, shit happens. When fisting, and following the proper diet/hygienic tips, it’s super unlikely. Still, you’re shoving whole appendages into another persons’ poop exit tube, it’s going to happen at some point. Just clean up and start over. The break will usually extend the play session in my experience. In terms of shit smell, there should be none. If there’s smell, there’s shit.

Mucus – This is one I’ve mentioned but never really dealt with in detail. It has taken on a new relevance with my near daily anal invasion habit. Anal mucus is good, objectively. It keeps our guts lubed up and healthy. You can’t really produce too much of it, especially if you like putting fists in butts. Anal mucus and precum are usually what create that frothy mix we get when fucking sometimes. It’s often called santorum, but I don’t like that word for this situation as it sounds purposefully gross. Here we’re just talking about natural fluid mixing and air capture. If you’re into raw primal fucking like fisting, you’re probably going to be into/feel neutral about it. One note about texture: it can vary as much or more than semen viscosity. I’ve seen anything from water thin to thick chunky globs that’re hard to break with your fingertips - it’s all about hydration. Either way, expect it to be there and be thankful.  

Noticing a trend here: be fucking prepared. You’re not playing kids games, plan, buy some stuff and set yourself up to have a safe, hygienic, super cummy time! It’s gonna be great.


So, what’s a “scene” actually like:

For me and my live-in boy, it’s usually something like, “go clean your puss, I’m gonna fuck it,” followed by an hour of me on Twitter or in the bathroom with my little bitch as they clean out. We’re usually doing some playful verbal degradation (Ex: “I knew you were full of shit” or “you poopy bitch” or “hurry up and get that pussy clean for daddy”) and/or just smoking some weed and laughing at memes. When that’s all done, if I haven’t, we’ll get our supplies and ease into the actual hole-work.

Every session has warm up; usually, I just go for our favorite large glass plug and get to working that hole over in a sensual way. Specifically, that involves coaxing/forcing the orgasms outta my boy till they’re a whimpering, slobbering mess. Sometimes we’ll add a larger dildo or pool balls to help build internal volume and strength. This is also where they get worked up, blissed out and even more piggy. We’ll then work in the hand or start opening their hole up with a gauging device. Lastly, I fuck their blown-out cunt until I’m satisfied.

Typically, I don’t play with dicks, as I like my boys’ pussy focused. I do like working the nipples over, though. As well as kissing and biting the whole body. Bondage-wise, he’s almost always bound in one of the ways mentioned above, depending on the mood. I prefer the bondage bar for its freedom of movement and how cute boys look like that. A bite gag is a must for its ability to make even big men feel like a subby bitch. Preventing the clenching of teeth also makes a difference in body tension that really needs to be studied more. I don’t typically mix anything more than that and spanking with anal scenes.

Scenes last anywhere from 30mins-3hrs. That’s usually about our limit but we will casually fuck the day away on the regular.

We haven’t really developed much in the way of aftercare. Usually we just hang out, with a murder show or something. If there’s more pain/discomfort than normal, I’ll apply some lidocaine cream or RSO to his puffy hole, but that’s about it.


Gauging specific tips:

·       LUBE. LUBE. LUBE!

·       Sleep with a plug in nightly. Seriously, keep that volume and stretch building. Once you’ve got to the point where you can wake up without an achy cunt, move up a size. This is perhaps the quickest way to really open up that hole and increase your endurance. Weighty plugs will help build your muscle strength and prevent injury during play.  

·       Poppers and non-approved party enhancing drugs can be especially dangerous here for the reasons listed above. I suggest a limited usage until you’re confident in how to maintain awareness of your important pain notifications. I know it’s not meth, but it can make you really swimmy and disconnected for a bit.

·       It helps to have your bottom tied up and gagged for extra submissiveness, if you’re into that. The bite gag also allows them to relieve the tension from their hole’s ongoing abuse.

·       It’s best to start working larger or deeper once the bottom is already a quivering little bitch. They should’ve cum a couple of times and be begging for more.

·       You want a toy with a short taper for girth play or bendy and long for depth play.

·       Go slow, listen to your bottom’s words and body. Trust the tension in their hole and coach them to stay relaxed. The more they clench, the less time they’ll be able to take the penetration. Keep their breathing even and attention focused inside themselves. Keep them comfy and safe feeling. Encouraging words are always helpful. Praise them for being a good little whore, tell them how impressed you are, thank them for their obedience, etc.

·       Make sure you stimulate other parts of their body. I like to kiss, nibble, bite, rub, and verbally compliment my boy’s whorishness. This will help keep them in that floaty state bottoms love. 


Fisting specific tips:

·       LUBE. LUBE. LUBE!

·       If either of you are new, go for your non-dominant hand. It’s going to be much more pliable, slightly smaller, and less of a problem if they randomly clench down, breaking your hand. This will give you an added long-term benefit of strengthening your weaker side and giving you dexterity, you probably didn’t know you’re missing. My shoulder had been impinged but thanks to my fisting hobby, it’s loosened up greatly.

·       Use your free hand to help get your thumb to collapse completely, if possible. The free hand can also add lube or massage the external anal ring.

·       Don’t rely solely on the top pressing forward to get that paw in that butt. Based on positioning, allow the bottom to press/rock back on your hand. This is helpful but can also move them out of optimal alignment for entrance. As the top, you’ll have take make them aware of what’s going on. Bottoms can become blissed out and non-coherent, you gotta stay aware.  

·       Please note, if you’re going from dick to fist, it’s gonna take about a year of regular play to really get a full fist in. If you make it a hobby, it can take as little as 6 months but it really all depends on the bottom’s ability to grow and the top’s ability to coach them through it.

·       No need to shave your arms, hair doesn’t typically cause issues. However, I would recommend exfoliating to reduce friction on the skin.


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