Dare! by Tracey Cox - Review


While not particularly daring, Tracey Cox dare! Travel Massager is a pretty decent vibe. It’s got a unique shape that reminds me of my geeky childhood and manages to be interesting without becoming gimmicky. Not bad.

Tracey Cox dare! Travel Massager ($36.99)

What: clitoral vibrator

Material: Hard plastic

Power: 2 AAA

Intensity: 8/10

Body safe: 10/10

Height 3.5”


Turn ons

When first placed into my hands, dare! travel massager

 struck me as yet another "personal massager" that would be better suited to soothing my sore muscles or annoying my cats than actually fulfilling any personal playtime desires.  It's shape seemed less than intuitive for a toy meant for orgasmic pleasure (to be honest it rather looked to me like a Pokéball). I was pleasantly surprised to discover otherwise. The shape itself (kind of a like a pebble or large M&M) that I thought I would find less than appealing actually worked out lovely. 

The first thing I found I loved about the dare! is its variable vibration settings.  You have your basic slow, faster, fastest vibrations but then you have 3 more settings with different vibration patterns.  This can be ultra-arousing during playtime because it introduces an element of surprise into what could have been just your basic vibratory enjoyment. 

 Almost like a Morse code of stimulation, you just press in on the single button and you can switch it up from a steady vibration setting of different speeds, to a dash dash dash, dot dot dot dash or dot dot dot dash style of pulsing.  That single button also turns the device on and off.

This is obviously a massager-not a vibrator meant for insertion, unless you have a dry (it’s not waterproof) wide-set vagina.  The rounded curved edge works perfectly for external stimulation while fitting snugly into the palm of your hand. Never again will I settle for a simple bullet (though they have their uses, don't get me wrong.)  It's easy enough to get direct clitoral stimulation and perfectly rolls back and forth across any area of your anatomy.

Speaking of the shape and style of this thing, it is one of the more discreet massagers I've come across.  You could easily forget that you left this thing lying around your living room and no one would be the wiser.

Turn offs

The simple single button control can be kind of annoying. You click it once to turn it on, click it again and again to change the vibrations.  You hold it down to turn it off and you really have to hold it down for more than just a couple seconds.  Many times I've clicked this little button, held it down and released it to find I'd only changed the pattern, not succeeded in turning it off.  A mild gripe to be sure but still slightly annoying.

It is made of a hard plastic, which means a-you definitely need some good lube to make this thing a comfy treat, and b-remove any rings you may be wearing before playtime!  I wear a ring on my left hand that I never even notice is there but I noticed while using this massager. It made the most horrible clacking sound and didn't feel too good on that finger either. The plastic feels more pedestrian that the plastic on the Posh Pocket Toyfriend.

It’s easy to clean (soap and water) but not waterproof, which means you’ll have to remove the batteries every time you clean it.

Bottom line

All-around, I was neither blown away or completely blown off by this massager.  It gets the job done but it doesn't push itself to the limits to earn a raise either.  At around $35 dollars, it's not horribly over-priced for what it is but I think you could probably get a better bang (or vibe) for your buck. If it’s the unique shape that appeals to you then it’s probably worth a look.

Review unit provided by Love Honey

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