Loving your body means loving your sexuality

Whether you admit it or not, your sexuality is a huge part of who you are. What you like, who hang out with and how you look – among other things – are influenced by your sexuality. Because it’s so important, I don’t believe you can love your body without loving your sexuality. To be real, you can’t even love yourself if you don’t love your sexuality.

To love everything that you are, you have to learn to accept everything that you are. That means you have to accept that you’re a sexual being who may or may not be into some really kinky shit. Sure, most people may not be getting tied up, pissed on or dressing like a French maid but who cares? Your body wants what it wants and needs what it needs.

Look, we already know that everybody’s body and sexual tastes are different. So, logically, there’s no need to worry about the differences but, of course, worry and anxiety are not exactly logical. So, it’s normal to sometimes worry if our kinks are too kinky, if we look ridiculous in that gear, etc. In those moments, it’s important to remind yourself that the only person who can make you feel ashamed is you.

Shame is a tool used by small-minded people who only want you to be as unhappy in your skin and sexuality as they are. Unless you want to permanently deprive yourself of the life-enhancing orgasms you seek, I suggest you stand up proud and own every bit of your sexuality.

If you don’t own your sexuality, your sensuality, your kinks and your body, then someone else will. I don’t know about you but I like to be in control of my sexuality, even when I’m cuffed up in a sling. You can’t let someone shame you or make you feel like you’re not sexy, sensual and in command of your body and sexuality. Because, at the end of the day, it’s your ownership over all those things that really makes you sexy. 

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Loving your body means loving your sexuality

To love everything that you are, you have to learn to accept everything that you are. That means you have to accept that you’re a sexual being who may or may not be into some really kinky shit. 

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Yesterday, I put out a call for your sexiest body positive pics because I want to share the beauty of the human body and give people a chance to be brave and bold. Since, I’m a guy who likes to lead by example, I guess I should go first.


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