Yesterday, I put out a call for your sexiest body positive pics because I want to share the beauty of the human body. Since it's Body Positivity Month on LTASEX, I also wanted to give people a chance to be brave and throw a middle finger in the face of self-doubt. Since, I’m a guy who likes to lead by example, I guess I should go first.

In the middle of summer 2012, I was about 6 months into my weight loss. I was going through a lot of issues with my body image and had the idea to do a sexy photo shoot. I  was trying to get some perspective on what my body really looked like and I wanted something that would remind me, many pounds and years later, that I was always beautiful. I’d always heard that these sorts of things are empowering but I didn’t really understand just how true that was.

After I was done taking the photos, I put them together into a short photo book called "Original Beauty." I looked at the final product and I was so happy. My then 500lb body looked fucking sexy. I felt fucking sexy. For the first time in a long time I felt as confident as I always pretended to be.

Since the shoot, the photos and digital photo book have been locked away on my computer. Recently, I realized that I hadn’t shared it, despite how much I liked it, because I was still ashamed of my body. To be honest, even though I’ve lost a lot of weight, I’m still ashamed but, mostly, I'm just scared.

Just like with my past fear of spiders, it’s time to take my fear of anyone seeing my body and let Calvin piss on it. So, today, through a nervously rumbling stomach, clenched teeth and a very strong desire to delete this article, I’m putting it out there. I can’t expect you folks to be brave and bold if I refuse to do the same. So, enjoy.

One more thing, putting this out on the internet is making feel really vulnerable and a little queasy. So, if you would be so kind to leave me a comment of encouragement, I would appreciate it. 

Without further ado: 

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Body Positive Hotties

For the last Humpday Hotties of Body Positivity Month, it’s your turn in the spotlight. A couple weeks back, I put out the call for your sexiest body positive photos. While only a few of you stepped up, there’s still plenty of sexy to enjoy.

Loving your body means loving your sexuality

To love everything that you are, you have to learn to accept everything that you are. That means you have to accept that you’re a sexual being who may or may not be into some really kinky shit. 

90 photos that prove how sexy men can be

Often men don't see themselves as being sexy. That's terribly sad because there are so many sexy men in this world. For one of the last Humpday Hotties during Body Positivity Month, I wanted to take some time to appreciate men in all their various shapes and sizes.


It's time to face facts, your genitals are really weird-looking. No matter how big, tight, throbbing or pink, whatever you've got going on in your pants is nothing more than a jumble of skin, hair and various fluids and odors. Luckily for you, that ridiculous, sticky mess is exactly as it should be.


Yesterday, I put out a call for your sexiest body positive pics because I want to share the beauty of the human body and give people a chance to be brave and bold. Since, I’m a guy who likes to lead by example, I guess I should go first.


June 2013 is Body Positivity Month on LTASEX. It’s where we take a moment and focus on the skin that we’re in and celebrate its every fold, wrinkle and mole. For the last Humpday Hotties post of June, I want to give all of you sexy people a chance to shine by making it all about you!

20 sexy pics of bike smut pornstar Poppy Cox

On the second Wednesday of Body Positivity Month on LTASEX, I offer you the curvy beauty known as Poppy Cox. I just stumbled across Miss Cox while watching her cum repeatedly in “Come Find Me” her latest sex-positive porn flick. In “Come Find Me” I was struck by how sexy and confident Poppy seemed. Also, she has a great ass and a cock-hardening/pussy-moistening giggle. So, that’s fun too.

Love your body in 4 easy steps

As Body Positivity Month rolls on, I want to talk about how to become more positive about your body. It’s taken me a while to get to a place of peace with my body and I’m going to share the four steps I took to learn to love my body. That being said, remember that this is a journey and not a destination. You’re not going to go through the steps and feel instantly better but, if you keep practicing, it’ll work out.

Beefy model Justin Irvine gives you reason to swoon, love your body - Humpday Hotties

On the first (couple days after) Humpday Hottie of body posivity, I give you model, porn star (maybe), etc... Justin Irvine.

How this fat guy got his got his groove back

Over the last 18 months, I’ve lost 130+ lbs. Although I’ll sometimes nod when people congratulate me for thinking of my health, I really lost it because I wanted cuter and cheaper clothes. Well, at least that was why I thought I decided to lose weight. That is until I recently got real with myself and admitted that what I really wanted was to feel sexy again.

Lili VonSchtupp is TIRED: The Buxom burlesque babe talks neo-burlesque, flipping off the FCC and the sexiness of cellulite

Burlesque is all about drawing the audience in, making them want to see you as a performer. Your body becomes a prize, and anything can be presented and sold as sexy from someone a little heavier to a bottle of Pepsi. Presentation is everything.

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