Body Positive Hotties

For the last Humpday Hotties of Body Positivity Month, it’s your turn in the spotlight. A couple weeks back, I put out the call for your sexiest body positive photos. While only a few of you stepped up, there’s still plenty of sexy to enjoy.

When I was prepping for this edition of Humpday Hotties, I decided that this would be make a cool living article. So, from now until LTASEX dies on the 28th of never, I’m reopening submissions. Body positivity isn’t something we should celebrate just once a year. If you’ve got something you want to show off, send it in! Check out the rules and what not here.

Let's get into the sexy.... 


"My sexiest part are the two inked areas.  Many more to follow." - Mike Sokoluik

"I think the sexiest part of my body is my smile. I've been told it lights up a room. The other part I think is sexy is my boobs. I have great boobs." - Renee Chapelle

I was born 'female' but transitioned to male several years ago. However, I recently discovered that I am also a chimera: some parts of my body contain XX chromosomes (female), while other parts contain XY chromosomes (male). I think that the sexiest part of my body is probably my brain.” - James Birkbeck

"My sexiest parts are my back and shoulders... I'm a working man, and I'm proud of the muscle it's given me." - Marc Prefontaine

"The thing I like about my bod is my bum. I've always had a nice bum. Comes from cycling a lot in my younger days, and now I'm getting back into the habit as part of my health development plan. The second pic is a little joke I played on my photography mentor. She did a lovely pose with a large flower concealing her more delicate areas. And challenged the photographers in our group to do the same. My response drew some smiles apparently." - Fox

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