Christina Hendricks 20 sexiest photos


Christina Hendricks is one of those people who make happy that genetic variation exists. She's like Jessica Rabbit come to life and it's fucking wonderful. Since May is masturbation month, I thought I'd offer you something to masturbate about. Yes, that includes her infamous nudes. I know and you're welcome. 

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Tenga Flip Hole, best male masturbator we've ever reviewed (UPDATED)

Tenga Flip Hole is easily the best male masturbator we’ve ever tested. From its simply gorgeous design to its versatile, rule-breaking, orgasm causing performance, this thing shines. If you can get past the higher-than-expected price tag, you probably can’t do any better.

My whole life I thought I knew where the clitoris was located but, as it turns out, it took me 20 years and my mother’s intervention to truly find it.


Mutual masturbation is a sexual activity that most people forget about once they leave high school. That’s really unfortunate because mutual masturbation is wonderful for so many things.



Masturbation seems like one of those things that doesn’t need a salesman but – believe it or not – I meet people all the time who just don’t understand why people masturbate. Since May is masturbation month, what better time to highlight the best reasons to masturbate.

How my love of masturbation shaped my sex life

I’ve been masturbating for as long as I remember. Even when I was having sex as much liked, there was always something appealing to me about masturbating. There’s something simple and innocent yet dirty, decadent and forbidden about the whole affair. Plus, it just feels motherfucking awesome.

Jerkin' it: 7 Tips for Masturbation Mastery

You already know how much I love masturbation. After all the time spent spankin’ it, I’ve learned a few things. Since May is Masturbation Month, I figured it was time for me to share a bit of my masturbatory wisdom with you. We’re counting down from seven.

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