There's a blue-tint in the images but that's the reflection of the glitter. I actually wish The Legend was sold in the blue color, it's gorgeous.

When it comes to being penetrated, the feeling of being filled up is one of the most exciting and arousing feelings I can imagine. I’ve been getting back into anal and looking for a toy that offered me the right balance of fullness and depth. The Legend from Doc Johnson’s Platinum Silicone line, does just that.

The Legend by Doc Johnson Platinum

What: Semi-realistic dildo

Material: Silicone

Body Safe: 10/10


  • Length – 6.7” (6” useable)
  • Base Diameter – 1.8”
  • Base Circumference – 6”

Features: easy-to-clean, hypo-allergenic, phthalate free, O-ring harness compatible, made in USA, odor-free, ridged shaft

Turn ons

When you pick up The Legend, you can feel that it’s made of quality silicone. You can also tell that it was engineered and designed with a purpose. It’s got a unique shape with a bulbous head and thin neck area that graduates to a larger flared base. The neck is more pliable than the rest of the toy but the whole thing is bendy. I like the design of The Legend, it’s unique and simultaneously familiar. 

In use, you can definitely feel how all the curiousness in the design translates to a much better than average experience. The bulbous head makes a delightful pop when you get it past your sphincter and the ribbed shaft adds a lot, even though it’s subtle.

The flared base makes it safe for anal and easy to grip when lubed.

The bulb head makes it great for prostate/g-spot, although I still find the Smooth Wave Glass Wand to be better for milking my prostate. The pointed nature of the tip makes it easy to insert.

As you push it in, the graduation is slow enough that I can just ease it in without much hassle. By virtue of its shape, if you’re thrusting it, you’re going to get nice and open. Of all the toys I’ve put into my butt over the last few months, The Legend is the best to prepare you for actual anal intercourse.

When it was all the way in, The Legend gave my butt quite a lot of filling pleasure. The length suggests a lot of depth when paired with the girth, it’s a bit of a mind-fuck and I loved it. Because it’s not super long, it never reaches your second sphincter, makes it way more comfortable to sit on, which adds to the orgasm forcing feelings of fullness and depth.

Like most silicone toys, the surface can be a bit tacky but The Legend’s finish is a lot smoother than say Doc Johnson’s Super 7” and it shows. Don’t expect it to be as smooth as the Picobong Zizo or Lelo Ella, they’re made for different purposes.

Turn offs

Sometimes, Doc Johnson is really good about not putting logos on their products. Other times, they emboss their logo into the body of the toy. This is one of them embossed toys. Although I personally dislike branding on sex toys, they’re only ever a problem when they trap fluids and are hard to clean. Unfortunately, the logo on The Legend traps fluid and you have to take special care to make sure it gets clean. It’s not impossible but it is annoying.

Other info

I wish The Legend was in a different color. The one I got was a metallic gray/silver and it seems dull in person, especially compared to toys like Doc Johnson’s Smooth Wave and the Picobong Zizo. They offer The Legend in a deep purple, that one looks kind of sexy.

Bottom line

When it comes to sex toys, you want something that’s high quality, fairly-priced and performs well. The Legend by Doc Johnson is all of those things. If you’re looking for a versatile silicone to that  

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