Jerkin' it: 7 Tips for Masturbation Mastery

You already know how much I love masturbation. After all the time spent spankin’ it, I’ve learned a few things. Since May is Masturbation Month, I figured it was time for me to share a bit of my masturbatory wisdom with you. We’re counting down from seven.

#7 Vary your technique

Each time you masturbate, you teach your body how to get off. When you only spank it one way for a long time, you’ll find it hard to cum from coupled sex or even a change in position. If you vary your technique, you’ll be able to add some variety to your masturbation and some versatility your genital’s ability to get off.

#6 Breathe

I know it sounds odd because if you don’t breathe you die but do you actually pay attention to your breathing? Try to inhale and exhale deeply – in a controlled way – it helps your body relax and gain a sense of calm pleasure. A deep breath right at climax will sometimes give you a burst of pleasure.

#5 Seduce Yourself

You may be alone when you masturbate but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to turn yourself on. Even masturbation is better with a bit of foreplay. Play the music that gets you in the mood. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, especially if it’s nothing at all. Surround yourself with what makes you feel calm or sexy. The little things help.

#4 Use your whole body

If you want to masturbate, you can simply stimulate your genitals and repeat until you’re satisfied. If you want to get the most out of your alone time then you’re going to need to get exploring. Your body loves to be touched and you have two hands that are perfect for it. Rub your neck, pinch your nipples, caress your stomach, lick your fingertips, spank yourself, etc. I think you’ll find the extra stimulation quite enjoyable.

#3 Express Yourself!

As teens masturbating in our bedrooms, we had to be silent so mum, dad or annoying siblings didn’t burst in and ruin our fun. Unfortunately, our ninja like stealth was inhibiting our pleasure. Now that we’re all grown up and – hopefully – living on our own, we can moan and squeal with delight and pleasure from every mountaintop. Lavish in it.

Talking dirty, moaning, screaming, squealing, cursing or even just vocalizing anything you want will help you to release the tension and energy building up inside.

#2 Go-Go Gadget Dildo!

Our hands are amazing tools that can do amazing things to our bodies but your arm is only so long and your hand is only so strong. When your hands aren’t getting the job done, why not take a cue from Inspector Gadget and pull out a gadget or two to get the job done? Vibrators, dildos, Fleshlights, Tengas, nipple clips, butt plugs, prostate stimulators, weed, ice cubes and textured textiles can all be used alone to increase the ability of your hands to provide pleasure. Hands-free toys – like butt plugs – can be used to increase pleasure while leaving your hands open for other things.

#1 Stimulate Your Mind!

The mind is our biggest and most important sex organ. This means that in every sex act we must stimulate our brains. Look at porn, magazines and pictures. If you’re more cerebral, get your dirty mind revved up by fantasizing or sexting. Talk yourself through different fantasies and explore them in your brain. Linger on every thought and pay attention to how your body responds. Don’t be afraid to think about things you would never want to do, these are your fantasies and you have no limits to the sexy scenarios you can dream up. The best fantasies are the ones that work for you, so don’t be timid.

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