The Posh Petite Teaser 2 is an easy to use vibrator that won't take a bite out of your wallet.  It's smooth with a pleasing design that will make it worth adding to your collection.  Although it is a bit tough to keep clean, it's posh enough to possibly make it worthwhile.

Posh Petite Teaser 2 by California Exotics ($34.99)

What: discreet vibrator

Material: Silicone

Body safe: 10/10

Power: 1 AAA

Intensity: 8/10

Noise: 4/10


  • Color - Blue
  • Length - 6"
  • Insertable length - 5"
  • Circumference - 4"
  • Diameter - 1 1/4"
  • Weight - 0.3 lb

Features: Waterproof, latex-free, phthalates-free

Turn ons

This vibe is made from a deliciously smooth silicone, which makes for a lavish experience.  The smoothness alone makes the toy hard to put down, even though it does have a bit of a drag on wet skin. It’s not Picobong Zizo or Lelo Ella smooth but it’s still smoother than the Checkmates Bishop. Since it’s made from silicone, it is easy to clean.

It's overall shape is gently curvy and pleasing in use. The bulb-shaped end isn't too wide and quite comfortable insert.  I'm not a huge fan of full-on penetration but it feel good to stick it in my vagina

The design of the toy makes it easy to maneuver and keep a firm grip. It's a happy medium size-wise, it's not clunky and it isn't too small to handle.  Its size is also a convenient storing size, it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The controls are straight-forward, there is no awkward fumbling around because the power and vibration levels are one button. The power and control button are on the end of the toy. The controls are similar to the Cunter and Tracey Cox Dare.

The vibration and overall performance was satisfactory. I like the osculation setting better than I have on other small vibes.  

Versatility is also a plus with this vibe. There are no cord or external control panels to get tangled up. Since there's no tangles, it’s easy to pack up in a bag for fun on the run.

Turn offs

This vibe does put on a light show.  The power button flashes while it is in use.  It can be a distracting or hard to use for people trying to be discrete about their self-time.  Keeping a blanket over yourself should take care of the flashing light.

Be sure to keep this toy secure in the bag to avoid the power button bumping against something and turning on the device.  It may not be fun to explain why your bag is vibrating. Really, you should remove the batter before traveling with it anyway.

The vibrations are a tad loud but nothing a little sexy music won't mask.

I feel like the price is too high but it’s often on sale for $25, which is a much more palatable price.

Bottom line

The Posh Petite Teaser 2 by California Exotics is smooth, easy to use and is reasonably priced.  It is a good little addition to a growing collection. This vibe may like to tease but it's a sexy tease.

Review unit provided by Eden Fantasys

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