Tenga Flip Hole, best male masturbator we've ever reviewed (UPDATED)


Not all male masturbators are made equal. Some are complete garbage; others simply get the job done. Then there are some, like the Tenga Flip Hole, that makes you wonder why you ever tried anything else.


Tenga Flip Hole

Price: $70-$100

What: Male masturbator

Materials: Plastic, TPE


  • Length – 7” (17.5 cm), 6” insertable
  • Width – 3.25” (8.25 cm)
  • Circumference – 9.5” (24 cm)
  • Weight – 19.9 oz. (563 g)

Turn ons:

DESIGN – Of all the male masturbators I’ve tried, Tenga Flip Hole is without a doubt the most beautiful. With a sleek white plastic body and icy cutouts, it’s absolutely gorgeous from all sides. Even better, the good looks are completely functional. You can squeeze the cutouts to increase the pressure on your cock. The cap keeps the Flip Hole together for stroking, protects the orifice and doubles as a drying stand.

PERFORMANCE – Believe it or not, performance is the place where most male masturbators fall flat. Then there’s the Tenga Flip Hole, which manages to give you the versatility of male masturbation soft sleeves with the control and hygiene of a hard cased masturbator.

Frankenstiened, hybrid sex toys tend to be complete shit but this one manages to elevate both.  In simple terms, Tenga Flip Hole felt absolutely stellar on my cock. The adjustable pressure paired with the intensely textured sleeve creates some intense sensations.

In use, the weight isn’t particularly tiring. Compared to the Original Fleshlight and even the Fleshlight Sword, Tenga Flip Hole is decidedly light. It’s not quite as light as the Fleshlight Sword but the shape and grip-friendly of the body made it seem less bulky.

Even with all the other performance highlights – and there a quite a few - those side cutouts are really what makes Tenga Flip Hole so much better than our previous jerk off favorite Fleshlight Flight. With adjustable pressure and a hard body you get a level of control and customization that is unmatched by and of its competitors.

CLEANING – The “flip” in Tenga Flip Hole references the ability to flip it open, this makes cleaning a complete ease. Once it’s open, you can use your fingers to get into the crevices and make sure it’s as clean as possible. Once you’re done cleaning, you can perch Flip Hole on its cap to dry and air out. Together, that makes Flip Hole the most sanitary and easy to clean masturbator we’ve ever reviewed. Plus it takes away the fear of putting your dick into a dark hole.

PACKAGING – I love the simple, iPod-like packaging for the Flip Hole. Even though the plastic is soft to the touch, it gives you the sense that you’re buying something cool.  You see nothing but the product, you know what you’re getting and that’s pretty dope.

Turn offs:

DESIGN – Although the stand/cap is a brilliant bit of design that makes this jerk-off device seem sleek and futuristic, it could definitely be implemented more effectively. The plastic used for the stand is kind of soft, which can make it wobbly and hard to put on properly. I think if they stiffened the material to make that process work smoother, it would feel a lot more luxurious overall.


Other stuff:

DURABILITY – While it doesn’t seem to be flimsy in any way, I worry about the long term durability of the hinge.  Just like a flip cap on a lemon juice bottle, the seam is bond to break, right? Also, on their website, Tenga says the Flip Hole will give you 50 uses. I really don’t know how they got that number, but it seems like a gross underestimation.

UPDATE: I got a quote from Tenga rep Eddie Marklew about the durability.


Bottom ‘line:

Tenga Flip Hole is easily the best male masturbator we’ve ever tested. From its simply gorgeous design to its versatile, rule-breaking, orgasm causing performance, this thing shines. If you can get past the higher-than-expected price tag, you probably can’t do any better.

Review unit provided by Tenga


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