Aneros Eupho SYN offers powerful prostate pleasure

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Sometimes you think you know what of what a sex toy category is capable. Then you use a toy that elevates the category to a new level. In terms of butt plugs, Aneros EUPHO SYN is that metaphorical iPod that makes all previously great toys seem like miserable failures.


Price: $70

What: Prostate stimulator

Material: Silicone, plastic


Length – 4.5 in (11.5 cm)

Width – 4” base  (10.2 cm), .8” (2.2 cm)

Circumference (widest) – 2.75” (7 cm)

Weight – 1 oz (26 grams)

Turn ons:

DESIGN – When it comes to the design of the Aneros EUPHO SYN, I can’t… I can’t even… I mean, I love it. I know one shouldn’t rave in a review but the level of detailed and thoughtful design here has me quite excited.

Looks wise, EUPHO SYN looks like a spaceship akin to the USS Enterprise. The slim body looks sleek and the silicone looks invitingly soft and feels softer. It has a matte texture that makes it look very expensive. There two arms: a sexy blood red handle and a silicone wrapped perineum stimulator. Together it looks a lot sexier and mature than you often see with this “Sin City” color scheme.

One tends to worry when they see a sex toy maker using two different types of materials on the outside of an insertable toy, they rarely manage the all-important seamless seam. Somehow, Aneros was able to make a seam visually seamless and nearly seamless to the touch.

PERFORMANCE – Beneath the soft, smooth silicone, there’s a firm rod, which gives the body some surprising rigidity. When it’s inserted, you can definitely feel a marked increase in intensity compared to an all silicone butt plug/prostate massager like the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty or Fun Factory Boosty. The stiffness allows for really direct prostate stimulation but with the silicone it really feels more like a finger stroking that a sex toy.

Even with my very favorite butt plugs, I’ve always had problems with the base/handle becoming incredibly uncomfortable after a while. Because they’re so slim – maybe 2 mm – and flexible neither the stunning red handle nor perineum stimulator gave so much as a pinch. Even after having it in for over an hour, there was never any of that annoying dull soreness.

DURABILITY – because it’s so well engineered from the outset, I have no worries about the long term durability of EUPHO SYN. Everything from materials to coating and bonding appears to be top quality.

Turn offs:

With the addition of the plastic skeleton, you’re not going to be able to boil EUPHO SYN. I don’t really see this as a problem but it does cut down on sanitation options.

At $70, the price is a bit higher than one might want to pay. If you like prostate stimulation, I think it’s worth every penny, but it’s definitely high enough to give you pause.

Other stuff:

I really wish EUPHO SYN had come with some sort of storage case. It’s a very luxurious device and that usually means you get some branded storage bag. There’s nothing here except the box in which it came, which is durable and a gorgeous shade of red but rather large.

Bottom line:

Aneros EUPHO SYN is easily one of the best prostate stimulators I’ve ever put in my butt. If it wasn’t designed so differently than other stimulators, I could say it’s the best but, really, it’s in a league of its own. While I find the price to be a bit high for suck a small amount of materials, I think the price is justified by the high level of design and thought put into the device. If you like prostate play, meet your new best friend. 

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