Birthday Sex Playlist 2013

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Ah, another year, another collection of sexy songs to fuck to. That’s right, it’s once again September 24th, my 26th birthday, and the day you’re gifted with the LTASEX Birthday Sex Playlist 2013. This year, we’ve got an all new collection of tracks that are guaranteed to make your sex hotter.

Starting off, New Edition and Lana Del Rey give you something to strip to. Then Jeremiah, Noisettes and Scissor Sisters and Black Eyed Peas command you to grind. We follow that up with something for you to get really close with and finish it all off with a rising groove.

Birthday Sex Playlist 2013 is supposed to be for the intimate, fun moments. It’s serious business but offers you the chance to laugh and fuck. It’s a thundering, thumping groove that’s bound to make your romps that much hotter. Enjoy.


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The 2015 Birthday sex playlist is a journey in sensuality. It may not always be subtle but it’s smooth, luxurious and yet exciting. It’s probably the best in the series so far.

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It’s my birthday and you know what that means! It’s time for the 2012 Birthday Sex Playlist! It seems like just yesterday that I was meticulously road testing last year’s Birthday Sex Playlist and yet, here we are. But I’m sure your bedroom is more than ready to bang to some new beats.


I bet you can't guess what today is! That's right it's Let's Talk About Sex's 1st birthday. As such it is that time of year again to celebrate with a little bit of birthday sex, and what is birthday sex without the 2011 Birthday Sex Playlist?!

This year we took this much more serious... that is to say I had a lots of sex and smoked a lot of weed while editing this list. All of my sweat and semen paid off! I was able to create a playlist that is guranteed to get something started. It has a much different feel than last years and is definitely an upgrade. So with out further ado I present...

 Birthday Sex Playlist 2011

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