I'm Excited about Mood Exciter by Doc Johnson - Review

With masturbation sleeves, it’s really touch and go. With every sleeve, there always seems to be some sort of drawback. Sometimes they get sticky, other times they just don’t feel good. When it comes to the Mood Exciter by Doc Johnson, it’s probably the closest to perfect I’ve found thus far.

Mood Exciter by Doc Johnson ($29.99)

What: male masturbation sleeve

Material: UR3 (TPE)

Body safe: 7/10


  • Length: 5in
  • Insertable length: 5in
  • Weight: 7.6 ounces
  • 30-day warranty

Turn ons

When you take Mood Exciter out of the box and plastic, you will be greeted by an oddly pleasant smell. I would describe it as the smell of red candy. I think the smell is to mask the chemical smell of the material but that doesn’t bother me because it smells awesome. Even after several uses, the smell was still there.

I got my Exciter in “orange” but it’s actually red like watermelon meat. Regardless, I like the color and the other 3 colors (blue, purple, white aka frost) look pretty nice too. I think the smooth-ish matte finish on the outside adds to the pretty.

I really like the simplicity of the design overall. It’s one clean shape with a small logo on the fatter end. I actually didn’t even notice the logo until my third time using it.  Also, it’s much smaller, lighter and easier to hold than even the Fleshlight Flight.

One of the things I worried about was the fact that Exciter doesn’t come in a plastic shell to protect it from dust, hairs, skin cells and other bodily detritus. With the Exciter, I still found it to attract dust and hair but it was much easier to clean. Soap and water restores it like new condition and I haven’t found it to become stickier with time like the Fleshlight/Fleshjack.

Mood Exciter is really freaking stretchy. With that and the varied sizes of the two openings, this is much more versatile for guys with different-sized penises.

The lack of a plastic case gaves it two really big bonuses: complete control over the pressure/friction and the ability to stick your dick in both ends. Those bonuses made a huge difference and make the Mood Exciter the best feeling masturbator we’ve reviewed thus far.

Being able to squeeze on the Exciter allows you to really feel the texture on the inside and it feels pretty damn great. Both ends present very different stimulation and the size of the openings make for a fun change of pace.

Turn offs

I only have one problem with the Mood Exciter: I have no freaking idea how to store this damn thing. I think I can just store it in a plastic bag but I’m not sure. I also worry that – because it’s so soft – it might tear if stored improperly. Since it’s super stretchy, I’m not too worried but it’s still a concern.

Other info

One of the big benefits of the Fleshlight/Fleshjack is that it can provide a very clean masturbation process. Since the Mood Exciter doesn’t come in a plastic casing and doesn’t have any way to plug up the end you’re not using, you will find yourself having to dispose of your jizz. This isn’t a big deal but it should be mentioned.

I’d never used UR3 material before but it makes a good impression. Its full name is Ultra Realistic 3.0 and it does a good job at mimicking the feeling of flesh. At room temp, it feels cold but it warms up easily.

For its simplicity, $30 seems a little on the expensive side. Then again, orgasms are priceless and it’s given me quite a few.

Bottom line

Not every male masturbator is worth your money. Mood Exciter by Doc Johnson is definitely worth your money. It’s versatile, feels great, smells stellar and even manages to best the Fleshlight Flight in many important ways. If you’re looking for a masturbation sleeve, Exciter is definitely worth a look.

Review unit provided by Doc Johnson

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