Boosty by Fun Factory Boosts Your Booty's Fun - Review

Boosty is one unique and pleasurable toy. It'll make your butt feel great, if you can get past it's one major flaw.

This is the saddest review I have ever written. Boosty anal plug by Fun Factory is a toy that has so much potential for pleasure and I love almost everything about it. From the design to the color and great design, this toy is a winner. That being said, I just can’t get past its one flaw.

Boosty anal plug by Fun Factory

What: Butt plug

Material: silicone

Body safe: 10/10

Turn ons

Great packaging is really important, this is something Lelo and Pipedream’s Metal Worx line do really well. Now, you can add Fun Factory to that list. Fun Factory takes a unique twist on great packaging in that it manages to be fun, flirty, sexy, sex positive and quirky without seeming cheap. It’s really nice to see packaging that’s cool without having to be hard-edged or gloomy.  Also, I’m just going to give Fun Factories a major round of applause for labeling this toy as something meant to go in your butt. Often companies refer to sex toys as “novelties” for legal purposes. I always thought that using euphemisms was a cheap cop out.  

It has instructions, which in itself is a rarity. But these are actually good instructions that tell you how to use and clean the toy.

When you take Boosty out of the box, you’ll first notice that it’s really unusual looking. It falls somewhere between a lop-sided Dairy Queen cone and a mold of the intestinal tract. I don’t know why it looks like that but it stands out and sparks curiosity. Since curiosity has a way of leading to things going into butts, it was probably a good design choice. There is a logo on the neck of the toy but it’s tasteful.

When it’s in your hand, it’s clear that this is quality silicone. The finish is a little tackier than I like but it’s smooth and comfortable. If you’re used to silicone toys, you will find that Boosty is much softer. Instead of the firm and slightly flexible nature of other silicone toys, it offers a firm yet squishy feel; It’s unusual but nice. Although it’s made of one piece of silicone the base is much softer than the rest of the unit.

Inserting Boosty is pretty easy. The tackiness and softness of the silicone will require a different approach but I didn’t find it to be off-putting.

Once it’s in your butt, Boosty is really comfortable. The squishiness of the silicone allows your anus to flex against the base much more comfortably. The flared base doesn’t press against your sphincter uncomfortably. Because it’s so soft, I couldn’t actually always feel the base.

The angle of the tip isn’t extreme but it gets the job done. It presses firmly against your prostate without providing the intense sensation that a traditional plug does. Flexing your anus will move Boosty around and give you a subtle stroking motion but it won’t be the firm jabs you maybe be used to. It’s a nice respite from the prostate punching you find in most toys.

Because it’s silicone, it’s easy to clean but that’s where the problem starts.

Turn offs

Yes, Boosty is easy to clean but I never felt like it was because after one use I could not get the smell out. With anal, poop sometimes happens and on my first use of Boosty it did. Normally, this isn’t a big deal because that’s for what soap and water were made. It just that, I cleaned it and cleaned it and cleaned it a couple more times but the smell remained. Even worse, the smell mixed with the smell of the silicone and had a chemical smell. I only used it once after and just kind of let it sit out. Eventually the smell went away but it shouldn’t have stuck around to begin with. That makes me a little worried about the possibility of this silicone being porous, which means it can easily trap bacteria.

Bottom line

If my one turn off doesn’t bother you or is something you can deal with, Boosty by Fun Factory is an excellent choice for your medium intensity anal needs. For me – however – I just couldn’t get past it.

Review unit provided by Eden Fantasys

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