It's Not Misandry, You're A Douche Bag - Let's Talk About Sex #5

Just because you're challenging men to be better does not mean that you're anti-men.

Just because you're challenging men to be better does not mean that you're anti-men.

Here on LTASEX we talk about sex but we also like to everything that goes along with sex. Of course, sexism fits right in there. It’s got “sex” right in the word! Usually when I’m talking about sexism, I’m complaining about some advertisement or TV show but today is different. Today, I get to shower a little praise and throw a little shade. This is going to be so much fun.

The other day, I was watching Scandal and I came across this ad for Allstate car insurance. Even though I don’t have a car, I chose to watch this one because Dennis Haysbert is objectively one of the sexiest men on earth. Besides his buttery-smooth vocals, I got another treat in the form an oddly funny pro-women commercial.

I have to admit I was surprised by how well they managed this one. It’s not often that you get to see a woman take a man to task without having to involve the nagging wife stereotype. It’s refreshing as all hell. Good on you Allstate.

I watched the commercial and thought it was hilarious. That particular myth about women irks me because it’s so clearly a statement towards male culture’s fear of women’s autonomy and capability, which I find incredibly insulting. I went to YouTube to find a copy of the video so I could embed it here as a model of how to be pro-women without being sexist. Upon finding it, I also found a bevy of comments like these:

AS comment 1.jpg

Yes, these are the top comments on this video. But then there was also all of this:

Threatened violence, misandry (sexism against men only) baiting, misogyny, reaffirmed misogyny, critical levels of stupid, unrequited progressive masculinity, unapologetic he-man women hater’s crackpot buffoonery, comments about her physical appearance and – of course - the inevitable cry of emasculation.

I thought it couldn’t get any better but then our friend superfuresh shows up with this nugget of wisdom: “I don’t let women control me i tell em to suck my fat one”

Thumbs up to you, Mr. Fresh. Looks like you just made me obsolete. Guess I should just pack it up then. I wonder if KFC is hiring.

I really want to go off on these people and I totally should but it wouldn’t solve anything. So, I’m going to turn the other cheek, hope it gets spanked and move on. Except, I think it’s important to address the one that claims this commercial is anti-men.

Saying this commercial is anti-men is like saying anything that challenges men is anti-men. I thought men liked challenges. Isn’t half of masculinity, proving that you’re good a overcoming challenges? Isn’t the basis of anti-female sexism that men are supposedly so much better at everything than women? If all I’ve said is true – and it is – then I really don’t understand why you’d be so upset that someone put a challenge in your way if you are so easily able to tackle it.

The problem with both anti-female sexism and American masculine culture is that is anoints a men to be great but does not make them work for it. After so many generations of nearly static luxury, the once “great” kings have become lazy, entitled slobs. In that sense, modern men are more King Heny VIII than Lancelot. More appropriately – if you’re a Game of Thrones fan – men have become violent brats like King Geoffrey when they were once mostly noble like a Prince Renly Baratheon.

I’m a nerd.

Because of their pampering and sense of being owed respect, men have this idea that they ought not to be challenged by anyone below their social level. When this happened in the past they’d just knock their wives around physically or emotionally and feel that balance had been restored. Luckily for us, most of them have had their hands slapped enough to know this isn’t how you behave in 2013. Unfortunately, no one replaced the old behavior with one that could help them adjust.

Now – instead of fists and slurs – these guys cry misandry because they have no other way of expressing the fact you hurt their feelings. I think that’s really unfortunate because misandry does exist and when these cavemen claim that being challenged on their bull is sexist, they make it so much harder for people to take other guy’s concerns seriously.

Hmm… now doesn’t that sound familiar?

Knowing that this is very similar to the kind of suppressive techniques men have used on women for centuries, it’s both funny and sad that it has finally come back to haunt them. A bit of poetic justice. I enjoy the schadenfreude, douchebag tears make great lube. But it sucks that the guys who could really use the help won’t get it because they have these douchebags clouding the message.

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