Smartballs Teneo Duo by Fun Factory - Review

Smartballs Teneo Duo by Fun - Review

Smartballs Teneo Duo by Fun - Review

With the sudden surge in curiosity about Ben Wa balls, I thought it’d be nice to get a review of a Ben Wa ball based product that is both body-safe and actually meant for vaginal use. That’s where the Smartballs Teneo Duo by Fun come in.

The Smartballs Teneo Duo by Fun takes all the vaginal muscle toning benefits of Ben Wa balls and puts them in a rather attractive and body-safe casing. They’ve got a strong construction, cute aesthetics, and, from what I’m told, work really well. That’s not too shabby for a $29.99 price tag over at our sponsor Eden Fantasys.

Since we all know that I’m not the owner of a vagina, I had our resident vagina having sex toy reviewer, Hilary, try them out and give her impressions.

Here’s what she had to say:

The very first thing that attracted me to the Smartballs was the wide array of color choices available, 14 in all. For me, if sex toys aren't pretty, why bother? They're so cute, I almost want to collect them all!

Besides the looks, I have always wanted to try kegels. Even as a first timer, I was not disappointed by the Smartballs.

In case you’re wondering how they work, the weighted benwa balls are inside a silicone/hard plastic sleeve. You lube up the Smartballs and push them into your vagina. The balls inside the casing will roll around whenever your body moves, creating a subtle stimulation. This will help to strengthen and train your pelvic muscles.

After a while, you will start to feel your ability to contract your muscles in a controlled fashion. That added control will let you use your pussy to do some really cool things.

The Smartballs are made of strong, easy to clean silicone, which is both a pro and a con in its own way. Being easy to clean is always important with a sex toy. These are actually dishwasher safe, which is fantastic. Because it’s covered in medical-grade silicone, it’s also non-porous, which means any unsexy smells or bacteria will be washed away with a bit of soap and water.

The only real complaint I have about the device is how the texture of the rubber made the balls a small challenge to insert. Even with copious amounts of lube, they seemed to catch on my skin causing minor discomfort when inserting. Once inside, that issue is quickly forgotten.

Repetitive use also helps with the initial discomfort, as your body gets used to the balls it seems more receptive to it.

Another cool thing about the Smartballs is the integrated silicone handle that hangs off one end of the toy. It gave me a retrieval approach that was slightly more dignified than shoving my hand up my snatch.

The Smartballs seem to be pretty durable, too. The rough handling I gave them didn't seem to affect them at all. No matter how hard I pulled, the silicone handle held and I noticed no tearing whatsoever.

When using the Smartballs, I'd recommend going easy on the lube. I noticed that taking them out was really messy, if you go overboard. Lube seems to collect in the crevices of the balls and will go everywhere when you pull them out.

Out of everything I love about the Smartballs, the fact that they’re discreet is probably my favorite. Since they make no noise when inside, no one will ever have a clue you're wearing them.

Being able to wear them while you're out and about is something important. Although I've only been using them for about a week and a half, I'm already feeling a difference. Mostly, I just pop them in and then do things around my apartment. As long as you move around, they're doing their job. With the Smartballs, my household chores just got a hell-of-a-lot more productive.  

I would recommend these to anyone wanting to have a greater control of their vaginal/pelvic floor muscles and, possibly, greater orgasms. For anyone who is also new to kegel exercises, I would say this is a great place to start.

Smartballs Teneo Duo by Fun are available in either a one or two-ball string and would be a great addition to anyone’s toy collection.  

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