Ako by PicoBong - Review

Our review clitoral vibrator Ako by PikoBong

Our review clitoral vibrator Ako by PikoBong

Ah, another week, another review of something sexy to help you fuck how you want. Isn't life grand? This week, I've got another toy to please your vagina.

The Ako by PicoBong is an interesting clitoral vibrator. Manufactured by Lelo, who makes some of the best sex toys on Earth, the Ako has some big holes to fill. Does it live up to its potential or should you grab a V8 and wait for the next one? According to our resident vagina owner and toy reviewer, Hillary, your fingers should be pointing your computer to our sponsor, Eden Fantasys, to pick up one of your own.

In my short time with the Ako by PicoBong, I noticed several things about the toy: it’s incredibly well-built, powerful, quiet and OMG, that silicone is softer than sin! Let’s just say I was incredibly impressed by the waterproof, body-safe $39 wonder.

Enough of me. Now, I turn things over to Hillary and her capable labia for the full review…

The Ako by PicoBong is a very interesting, unexpected vibrator. When I first received it, I didn't think too much of it, the packaging was rather plain and simple. Upon taking it out of the packaging however, I realized it was made of some higher quality material. I instantly related it to the feel of Lelo's silicone toys and was immediately intrigued.

Ako is made from a very soft, smooth silicone that feels fantastic to the touch. It's also very easy to clean, which is always a huge pro.

The vibrator itself, despite its silky texture, is incredibly durable. It's incredibly solid. Even after dropping it a few times, I still found no marks on the device. I feel like I could throw it at a wall and it would still remain intact. I have complete confidence that this toy could survive even your roughest sessions.

The Ako comes in three modern colors (lavender, fuchsia and blue), which compliments the sleek, minimalistic design. The control panel is on one side of the toy and it blends well with the overall design. You almost can't tell it's there, unless you go looking for it. Even the logo, which is engraved in the side, doesn't seem like overkill when it's camouflaged in the monochromatic design.

The Ako has 12 different modes of vibration and you can set the vibration intensity separately. I liked this feature because I haven't come across many vibrators that can adjust every mode. Typically, they skimp and claim a higher or lower intensity as a new setting but not here.

Each of the 12 modes are unique but only seven or eight really felt different. Several of them just felt like the previous mode with one extra vibration added. That made it almost impossible to differentiate sometimes.

Although some patterns were similar, one mode stood out right away and quickly became my favorite. It's a setting that quickly, and randomly changes vibration intensity, almost as if it's going to the beat of a song. I liked it because of the unexpectedness. It's a great setting to try if you want a break from the repetitive monotony of typical vibrators.

Despite its wide range of settings, the Ako is a pretty silent vibrator. Except when at its highest intensity setting, I could hardly hear it.

Although it can be inserted, the Ako is designed as a clitoral vibrator. Typically, I use the tapered end tip to create a more centralized clitoral sensation but laying it along the vagina can also create a pleasing sensation.

The biggest trick to using the Ako vibrator is finding a setting you enjoy. But with so many variations, you’ll find one that suits your pussy. Also, Make sure to watch the buttons when you’re going at it. They’re difficult to press on accident but it’s worth noting.

One strange thing about this vibe, is that it comes with a charm. The vibe has a little hook for it on the handle. I figured it’d get in the way there so I decided to proudly display mine on my phone.

I'd recommend this product to anyone looking to spice up foreplay or just wants to have a little fun by themselves. Either way you use it, this is a great toy. I look forward to trying out more from the PicoBong line.

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