Should I (23f) fulfill this young boy's (16m) belly growing fetish?


I met a 16 year old boy on Omegle. He told me that he was feeling weird about a fetish that he was having. He likes to watch female's bellies grow while they eat and overall loves round bellies. I showed him my big round belly and he wanted me to talk about food and how much I love eating. I told him I felt weird because I am 23 and he's 16. But I kind of got to know this kid and felt for him because he was opening up to me. Talking about how is he the only one with this "problem"? I sent him videos of girls eating and getting full bellies and he was amazed! I felt like a Good Samaritan or something! Then he kept asking to me to show my belly. And I did. And he has asked to keep in touch and if I would eat on cam for him. I just don't know what to do. Please tell me if I am being wrong like some weird pedophile or something. Ugh I don't know. I just need your help!


- A Big Bellied Chick

Sweetie, you’re hardly a pedophile. I don’t even believe you broke any laws.

To me your story is a very sweet and innocent human experience. Two people met and, in a moment of genuine intimacy, did something that was mildly sexual.  To me, these sorts of things should be celebrated and not treated like some sort of world-destroying mistake.

Some people will say that a 23 year-old should not be having any sort of sexual contact with a 16 year-old. I’m not one of those people. In my view, as long as it’s consensual, mutually beneficial and legal, you’re fine.

Since the interaction was online and either one of you could have clicked on the X in the upper right hand corner of your browser window to make anything unwanted go away, I’m going to go ahead and call this consensual. Also, let’s not forget that he initiated contact and escalation.

As far as it being mutually beneficial, you got to feel good about yourself for helping a youngin’ explore his budding and surely raging sexuality and he got to get a bit of jack-off material. As a person who runs a blog about sex on his own dime to help people find and love their sexuality, I can tell you that this exchange was mutually beneficial. In fact, these sorts of interactions can be incredibly crucial for people in that 16-18 age range.

We all know that sex ed in the US is a joke. It’s essentially the “don’t have sex because you’ll get pregnant and AIDS” approach, which is, in my humble opinion, complete bullshit. This is why having someone who is a little older and experienced show you the ropes can be a great experience for young folks. Plus, if you want, you can even make him call you sensei, which could kind of sexy.

Then there’s the issue of legality… In most states, including Michigan, 16 is the age of sexual consent. That means your chubby-loving, nearly post-pubescent friend is now free to do whatever the hell he likes with whomever he likes. That is, unless they are in a position of power, he is coerced or it’s non-consensual. Your situation doesn’t seem to be anything like that.

From you’ve told me, there was no nudity or behavior that was explicitly sexual. Therefore, even if there’s some sort of age of consent stipulation you crossed, you’re probably legally fine. There are sometimes penalties for online interactions. But, again, no nudity or touching, no crime… I think.

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Going forward, I say do it again… as long as it fits the legal, consensual and mutually beneficial requirements. If the legality is in question, stick to showing your belly and eating. As long as he isn’t showing you his throbbing, teenage erection and you aren’t flashing your tits/vulva, you should be fine.

I think this experience could be incredibly fun. Think of it like Big Brothers, Big Sisters but for sexy stuff. You’re the Big Sister to a little chubby chaser. It is your job to mold his little mind into a responsible and awesome sex partner for all his future sex partners. Your belly has that power!

Keep it sexy,


What would you do? Is 16 just too young or does it not matter?

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