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Although I review toys regularly here, I rarely use toys when I’m having fun in my off hours. However, there is one toy that is consistently in rotation, my Fleshlight. I bought it a couple years ago to help my chronic sexlessness feel less… sexless. It definitely helped there.

Recently, Fleshlight released a new model called Fleshlight Flight and had to have it. Thanks to our wonderful sponsor, Eden Fantasys, one showed up on my doorstep a couple of days ago. I’ve been literally gushing with excitement ever since.

The Fleshlight Flight is an updated and smaller version of their original, top selling masturbation sleeve. From the name, I’m assuming the Flight was intended to be better for the horny man on the go. I’m not going anywhere except to work and the bar but still freaking love the new, refined design.

Let’s not bury the lead here, this thing feels fucking great! When I bought my first Fleshlight, I ordered a customized one but they only offer one version of the Flight. I was a bit concerned that it wouldn’t feel “right,” whatever the hell that means. Regardless, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

From the first moment I lubed up this bad boy and slipped in, I was shocked by just how amazing the sleeve felt. I mean, I already loved that skin-like “superskin” material that’s in all the Fleshlights. But the texture of the Flight is just ridiculous.

In general, I’m a once a day kind of masturbator. But in the two days that I’ve had the Flight, I’ve gone around 12 times.  The unique texture paired with the slick and plush material make one realistic feeling sex toy and I can’t get enough.

As good as it feels, I would excuse almost any flaw the Flight might have. Luckily, I don’t have to excuse much of anything. From the design to the price, the Flight is a bunch of smart decisions that make for one hell of a jerk-off session.

The Flight’s design, is really discreet and modern. I love the simple, textured matte black casing and clear insert. When it’s closed, it looks more like an automatic air freshener or some other random household item. Because of its neutral design and compact size, it probably wouldn’t stand out among any random group of hygiene products on top of the dresser.

Although the Flight is smaller than the original Fleshlight, it manages to still be perfectly suited for a wide range of penis sizes. But if you’re over eight inches or wider than two inches, the Flight might not be good for you. That is, unless you like a tight fit. 

It may not accommodate all extremely well-endowed men but the Flight’s compact size does offer some great advantages. It’s lighter than the original, which makes extended play easier. The smaller size, in both length and girth, make it much easier to handle.

The smaller size also means it’s easier to hide from roommates, suitemates, parents and other nosey people who need to mind their damn business. It’ll also take up less space in your in your bag, which is great for traveling.

Although I’m smitten with the Flight, I’m also slightly perplexed as to why it’s so damn noisy. When in use, there is an audible sound. It’s just a little whistle or soft click and not something you’d notice over porn or through a wall or closed door but it can be a little annoying. Removing the top cap gets rid of the sound.

Just like the original Fleshlights, the Flight is super easy to clean. After use, you only need to rinse it out with warm water. It’s also hypoallergenic, latex free and phthalate free.

Although it’s on the high end of acceptable, the $49.95 price tag of the Flight is fantastic. Especially so, considering the large quantity of less than stellar competitors that sell for the same price and more.

Overall, the Fleshlight Flight is a really, really, ridiculously good looking and performing sex toy. Even though it can be slightly noisy when in use, I would recommend it to anyone with a penis. Spanking it hasn’t been this fun since I was 13. 

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