Do guys even find chubby girls hot?


I have been using the internet, sites like omegle and chatroulette to "meet" guys. I get on cam and turn guys on and tease them. Sometimes I join in on the fun and we mutually masturbate. And like sometimes in my fucked up head I get attached to the guy.

I say hey let's add each other on skype and talk more. This one guy in particular... We talked for days without even getting naked. I thought he was special! We had so much in common and he always told me how beautiful I was. And he was gorgeous! Then one night we decided to "e-fuck".

I didn't hear back from him for a couple of days and we would then just skype IM with "heys". We never video called again. And recently he blocked me on skype. I was pretty upset  by it and I almost cried actually. This has happened with a few other guys who just never got back on skype.

I am meeting them by using the "bbw" interest thing by the way. To find someone that I think is gorgeous, that likes my body, is something that is very new to me. Maybe that's why I have been quite addicted to it. I'm on it almost everyday trying to find the next mr. right now who could turn into something more.

Maybe I need to realize that those dirty sites are there for a reason. It's not a dating website. It's a masturbating one. Fuck, Jerome. And I am one of those people who look down upon dating websites.... well. Maybe not.

I guess I am afraid of someone finding me on there or whatever, because the profile is public right? Well... someone finding me on there and laughing at me because I had to resort to this. I haven't been on a date in years. I don't know. I think it's something that I want to try.

I am in dire need of attention I think. I want to stop going on those cam sites, but I love the attention even if it is for just 15 minutes or so.

I apologize with the horrible sentence structure and consistency of my brain.

I guess what I am asking is for...some of your opinion on cam sites. Should I stop? I enjoy it at first and then I feel disgusting... kinda like when I first found out with my clitoris was. hahaha. okay. also... dating websites. What do you think about those also? Should I try it out?

Do you know any good free ones that are not OK Cupid? What about BBW ones? I mean I guess I wouldn't be considered BBW but I am about 50 pounds overweight. I guess so.... huh? But then... maybe that is just fat fetish. I kinda of just want sex right now.. but I always deep down want more. Ugh. I apologize that you had to read all of this., but I thank you so so so soso much!

- A Horny Big Bellied Chick

Having cam sex with guys is perfectly fine. You’re just doing what you need to do to get your rocks off. It doesn’t hurt anyone. In fact, by flashing your vag on cam, I think you’re doing a public service. I say rock out with your vag out. But if you expect to have any fun, you need to own it.

You chose those sites because you like dittling your skittle for the viewing pleasure of guys over the internet. This is not a problem and it doesn’t mean you’ve failed at anything but keeping your clothes on.

Personally, I think clothes are overrated. In my book, you won a victory over the tyrannical reign of pants and there just happened to be a camera nearby to catch your victory dance.

You didn’t resort to anything and you shouldn’t say that you did. Cam is, for right now, how you’re choosing satisfying your pussy’s needs. Unlike many people, you found something sexy and fun that you like to do and you’re doing it to great acclaim. If I was you, I’d walk around proud as fuck. I’d even wear a shirt that read, “Cam Queen.”

On the subject of attachment, getting attached to people is very common, even digitally. But realize that cam “relationships” are fleeting. To end one all you have to do is close your browser.  A relationship that can be ended with a mouse click is not serious. This is why, if you’re hoping for a relationship, you should meet up with people in real life and build a connection. Otherwise, you will continue to have the same experiences over and over again.

The sites you’re on are for online hookups. It’s incredibly unlikely that any of those connections will ever bear fruit. But who says you can’t have fun and get your rocks of while you look for someone to bang you out in real life.

If you’re looking for Mr. Right on Chatroulette, you’re only going to find dick and balls. But if you take your BBW self over to an OkCupid-like dating site, you’re far more likely to find someone who wants to date and fuck you. If you want to narrow down your prey further, check out one of the 4+ million results that come up when you google “BBW dating sites.”

What you need to realize is that you and your 50 extra lbs. are a hot commodity. Not only are you sexually adventurous but you’re also smart enough to go after what you want. There are plenty of sexy, confident big gals out there but they’re pretty rare and often in the rough. Because of this, curvy chicks with a sexy side and a great personality are always in great demand.

Bottom line, own your sex and put yourself out there online and in person. You can’t catch a boyfriend if you don’t bait and cast the line. I don’t know why I just made a fishing reference. Fishing isn’t sexy but you get the point.

Keep it sexy, 


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