Back To School 2010: Best Toys

Now that you know where to shop and how to store your purchases, Let’s Talk About Sex is going to share with you the top products that deserve your money for the new school year.

Best In Class Dildo: Lelo ELLA (MSRP $44)


For the most part the dildo has remained unchanged since people made them out of wood. Until now. The Lelo Ella is this awesome dildo with a bunch engineering prowess. Ella is double ended, the longer side is meant for penetration and the flat end is meant for clitoral stimulation. The brilliance in this is that the curve needed to achieve this design also allows for a perfect angle when penetrating to stimulate the G-Spot and the clitoris. The shape is also great for holding onto even in the most slippery of situations. Aside from all its other pluses ELLA is so pretty, it comes in black, white and purple with a sexy matte finish.

Bottom Line: Buy it NOW!

Best In Class Vibrators: Lelo MIA ($66), Hitachi Magic Wand ($70), Essence Pure Energy Vibe ($20)

When it comes to vibrators, personal preference is major determining factor. Many toys don’t have any speed adjustments so finding one that does the job is key. For this school year we have the pretty but limited MIA, the classic but cumbersome Hitachi, and the inexpensive but battery charged Essence.


Mia is a USB rechargeable lipstick vibe with 4 speed settings. It’s small enough to store anywhere and powerful enough to get the job done. It’s designed like many stick MP3 players so charging it on your laptop won’t be a big deal. With 2hrs of charge you get 4hrs of playtime.If you like something a bit more filling then this may not be for you as its small footprint doesn’t provide a great penetrative experience. Amazon has the MIA for $30 bucks.


The Hitachi Magic Wand has been a staple since… forever and still is one of the best vibrators out there. In its out the box form it’s a fantastic clitoral vibe. Over the years Hitachi attachments have become a cottage industry with attachments that can do everything except cook you dinner. One big drawback is that it requires an outlet. I know in many dorms outlets are in the most awkward places and even with the 6ft cord you may need to visit a dollar store to pick up an extension cord. It has 2 adjustable modes but neither is very delicate, so if you need something strong this vibe may be for you. Even better the Hitachi is only 36.93 at Amazon.


Essence Pure Energy Vibe is a slightly bigger than the Mia measuring 5in in length and 4.5in in circumference at its widest. This toy has no adjustments, and is battery powered. Though it only takes one AA battery, and is completely waterproof which is great for shower fun. With its silicone nub this toy is great for clitoral stimulation and the girthy hard plastic body makes it adequate for penetration. The silicone nub is also great for nipple stimulation. Though this is definitely not the head of the pack you can find this toy for $10 so if you hate toss it without guilt. Because of its low price I am not sure how durable it will be.

Bottom line: If you want convenience go Mia, strength and durability go Hitachi, and if you’re broke or this is your first vibe go Essence.

Best In Butt: Nexus G-Play ($32, $43, $46)


The Nexus G-Play a great prostate massager. It’s simple and versatile. It comes in 3 sizes and 4 colors. The design is perfectly suited to massage your prostate and even better you can use it for g-spot play a well.  On the G-Play website you can buy all 3 for $80. It is made of silicone so it’s super easy to clean. It is a great introduction into anal play but is well suited for experienced players.

Man’s Best Friend:  Fleshlight/Fleshjack ($60-$80), Tenga Cup ($15)


The Fleshlight/Fleshjack is the world’s number one male sex toy for a reason. It has so many different combinations you can make to customize your own. The sleeves are made of cyberskin which feels really good; the different textures offer all types of experiences. The Fleshlight Original is a classic that I doubt will be usurped by any other toy any time soon. It is a bit of a expense at a minimum of $65 without any discounts. However, if you read our where to buy post from Monday you can get them much cheaper. The shell and the sleeve are separate so they are quite easy to clean with just some soap and water.

Tenga Standard.jpg

The Tenga cup offers a few advantages over the Fleshlight/Fleshjack, it’s much cheaper, more travel friendly and is easier to hide. The Tenga also has several disadvantages, it’s meant to be a one-time use toy so it is not as durable, harder to clean, and in my use only lasted about two months before I had to toss it.  If this is your first masturbation sleeve its super low price may be good for you to try out different sensations to see what works for you.

Bottom Line: If you want something guaranteed awesome with a long life go with the Fleshlight/Fleshjack, if you want to try something new and aren’t quite sure how you’ll like it go with the Tenga.

If you want to purchase any of these toys make sure you read Where to buy. If you have any of these toys and need to know how to store and clean them, go here. If you need to catch up on your materials and sex toy types go here. With all these toys you will get your sex game tight for the new school year.

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