Back To School 2010: Storage & Cleaning

Once you have your new toys you need a place to store them. So today we are going to give you some tips and tricks on storage and cleaning for your college life.

Depending on the size of the toys you have many good options.  I like to keep my lube with my paint, it’s about the same size and with the label removed it looks like thickener for acrylic paints. You could also buy some cheap lotion, clean the container and store your lube there. For your toys, one good solution is a mailing tube. If you move in with it most people will assume it’s nothing more than poster storage. The mailing tube option is really good for keeping all of your stuff in there. A tall tube can store lube, condoms, restraints, & toys.

Guys the Fleshlight/Fleshjack might be too big so what you should do is put it in a pillow. Find one with a zipper slip in; leave it on your bed with the toy facing the mattress. Unless your room/suitemates are a bunch of douche bags they should never be the wiser. If you don’t feel like going through any of that, get a lock box. Something innocuous, one for file folders would be completely expected in a college setting, you can lock it and no one would be the wiser.

Cleaning is an issue if you share a single suite bathroom, or even worse you have to use a communal bathroom. For this you have an ace in the hole. Everyone carries their toiletries to the bathroom with them, so if you happen to keep them in an opaque nylon or polyester bags that little lump is nothing more than toothpaste. 

If you have a Fleshlight/Fleshjack you should probably just take the sleeve.  Making sure your products are made from the suggested materials is important and will make cleaning them in the shower with a little soap and water even easier. If you need a refresher on what those are go here. Also consider the lube you use, water based lube is much easier to clean than silicone and won’t stain anything.

If you have any tips and tricks not mentioned here please click here to email me yours so I can share them with everyone.

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