Pulse by Hot Octopuss: Thuddy, versatile, Sexpert Approved

Pulse by Hot Octopuss

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Pulse by Hot Octopuss is one unusual toy. At its base it’s a penile masturbator but its unique shape and thoughtfulness make it an incredibly versatile pleasure device for almost anyone. That versatility is its strength. Anyone who picks one up should be able to find some way that Pulse can help them get off but it’s not without its faults.

Pulse by Hot Octopuss

Price: $99.00 US (69 GBP)

What: Penile masturbator

Materials: ABS plastic, silicone

Power: USB rechargeable battery

Body safe: 10/10

Intensity: 9/10 (< 55dB)

Loudness: 6/10

Dimensions: 4.4x2.5x2.8in (160x100x100mm)

Weight: 6oz.


Turn ons

When I first picked up the box, I was surprised by how pretty it was. The box is this very sleek black and charcoal grey mix that is super modern and masculine looking.

When you take Pulse put of the box, you’re holding a really weird yet sexy looking device. I’m not the biggest fan of the seashell-like design but I really appreciate the amount of thought that went into making sure it felt comfortable to hold and was intuitive to use.

Controlling Pulse is a straightforward. It only has two buttons: intensity up and intensity down. When it’s powered on, the lights in the plus and minus signs light up to let you know.

Once you turn on Pulse, you quickly recognize that it’s made with the sole purpose of forcing you to cum. If nothing else, this bad boy is intense! It’s got strength in spades and doesn’t hesitate to show off, even at its lowest setting. Since the part that touches the penis oscillates instead of just vibrating, the sensation is more like a rattle than the buzz found on most vibes.

All that power translates into one hell of an experience no matter how you decide to use it. Most often, I found myself putting my balls against the oscillation pad or pressing Pulse’s round back into my perineum (taint) while I stroked my cock. Even without my right hand, I could let it shudder in either place all day. Unfortunately, the vibes are so strong that touching my dick, even for a short time, would have me on the brink of orgasm.

Because it’s sort of inconspicuous and unusual looking, it’s not going to stick out as something you use to stroke your cock. Well… at least until you turn it on.

One of the biggest plusses of the Pulse is its rechargeable battery, which is a must for toys in this price range. Smartly, they decided to make it USB rechargeable, which means traveling with Pulse is a hell of a lot easier.

Unlike a Fleshlight, Tenga or other traditional masturbators, your penis doesn’t have to be erect for you to use it. The open body, allows you to slip your flaccid penis in and get started with the pleasure. This feature alone means that people with erectile dysfunction or a disability that limits the use of their penis now have a sex toy they can use.

Although all parts of sex can be enhanced by Pulse, but foreplay gets the lion’s share of benefits. If you’re a person with a penis, you can insert it flaccid and let it warm you up. If you’re with someone, they can sit on top of you and let Pulse tease their perineum, testicles, vulva or clit.


Turn offs

The packaging looks pretty from the outside but when you open the box your Pulse is just sitting in this flimsy black plastic holder. It doesn’t really scream luxury.  When I took it out of the holder, noticed that the device had a bunch of scuffing that looks like it was caused by the packaging itself.

The materials used for Pulse could have a little more

Pulse is weightier than I want it to be. I would go so far as to call it heavy but it’s definitely got some heft.

That powerful motor comes with two tradeoffs: it’s loud and may be too intense for people with sensitive genitals.


Side note: Hot Octopus really needs to partner with Fleshlight, Tenga or make their own solid or firm silicone-cased, traditional masturbator and infuse it with Pulse oscillation tech. If executed right, they could have a market dominator on their dicks. Hot Octopuss, I’ll take my royalties through Paypal.


Other info

Make sure to open the flap for the charging port the right way. I tried to open it the wrong way and ended up pulling it completely off. It took a while and stabbing it with a pen to get it back in place.


Bottom line

Pulse by Hot Octopuss is one extremely versatile pleasure device that takes thoughtfulness to a new level. I don’t think I’ve ever used a sex toy in any category that is able to do so much. It’s thuddy oscillation creates a unique vibration experience that my body loved. It’s even displaced the PicoBong Zizo as my go to vibe. While it’s not a toy for people who just want to beat off, it’s definitely a device for people who want to experience something awesome and new.



Review unit provided by Hot Octopuss

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