bswish BGOOD Deluxe: big and intense - Review

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She’s slick, smooth, bright pink and powerful as all hell. At a simple touch she goes from slow to blast the paint off your walls fast, exactly how I like it. The BGOOD Deluxe by B Swish.

BGOOD Deluxe by bswish

Price: $44.98

What: Traditional vibrator

Material: Silicone, ABS plastic

Body safe: 10/10

Power: 2 AAA

Intensity: 8/10

Features: Waterproof, 6 settings, 3 color options

Stats: Length 7.5" (19.3 cm) width at widest 1.37" (3.5cm)


Turn ons

BGOOD Deluxe is shaped for her pleasure, in an elongated teardrop shape. I found that it was a little wider than I was used to but with some lube, relaxation and deep breaths it all worked out.

The body of BGOOD is covered on silky smooth, almost baby powder soft silicone. I can’t keep my hands off it. I find myself running my fingers across it just because of its texture. Although the silicone is soft, its body is fairly rigid, as you would expect.

In the ways of power, it goes hard, fast and would never be described as a tickle. It comes with six settings: slow, quick and peel the paint off your walls, along with three pulsing rhythms. Which was very nice.

BGOOD is also waterproof, which means all that power will be making shower and bath time a lot more fun.

Even though BGOOD packs a powerful punch, I’ve noticed that the batteries seem to be holding up pretty well. The box said it can go up to three hours, which seems right. Whenever they do die, it won’t be tragic because it only requires 2 AAA.

Controlling the BGOOD is a simple affair. With only two buttons, you won’t be fumbling to change settings.


My fella found BGOOD to be rather enjoyable, too. We ended up using it with me sitting on him with the BGOOD between our parts. It got him pretty riled up. A great appetizer before the main course.



Turn offs

BGOOD’s box made it look like the handle and actual vibrator were the same color…it’s not. It’s slightly off. The vibe is pinkish and the handle with the button is a little bit on the purple side. So it matches, but it doesn’t. In certain lights the colors match so it may just be the finish/material that is causing the issue.

Also, when BGOOD is on, the buttons glow bright red like a stoplight. I was expecting a pink light or even white honestly. It would have given it some softness instead of neon red saying “look at me!!!”

Although it comes with a storage bag in the box, the bag is pretty generic.

I had some trouble distinguishing some of the settings. At first I thought there were five then seven. It still felt great but I wish there was a clearer way to distinguish the settings.



Other info

One other thing to be weary of is the size. It’s not “oh holy damn it’s large Marge and her party barge,” or great American challenge” huge, but it’s not a beginners toy. It’s nearly an inch and a half wide (1.37 says the box) and 7.5 inches long. It’s great for feeling full and it's great for getting deep but, if you’re just starting, I would hold off and start a little smaller.



Bottom line

All around, I found that BGOOD Deluxe by B Swish is one solid vibrator. Its power is damn fine and its touch is quite lovely. At $60,  BGOOD Deluxe would be at great buy. With its $45 price tag, it’s more like steal. 

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