OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H Review


OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H doesn’t need a dance floor to rock your body. With all sorts of luxurious touches and a great design, it might be just the thing to get your party bumping.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H

Price: $79.99

What: ergonomic, sound responsive vibrator

Materials: ABS plastic, PU

Power: USB rechargeable battery (vibe), 23A 12V battery (remote, not included)

Intensity: 8/10

Body safe: 8/10

Dimensions: 3 3/4" long, 1 3/4" wide, .5” (vibe) 1” (remote) thick


Turn ons


The overall design of the Club Vibe 2.0H is pretty damn slick. Club Vibe 2.0H comes in two pieces, but they fit together to create this odd egg shape, which I think is nifty. One half is the wireless remote control; the other half is the actual vibrating device. It’s got a futuristic black and pink color scheme.

The vibrating half reminds me of the shape matching toys I had as a kid. Here, they’re matching the shape of my vagina. It’s got great ergonomics to hold and use. The only thing that could possibly make it better is custom molds.

The simple fact that there is a wireless remote is a win for me. It allows me more freedom to enjoy myself. I can play with a partner and let them have control or I can even use the remote myself for a near hands-free experience.

Paired with the free, included undies that have a pouch for your Club Vibe 2.0H, it makes it even easier. Those undies also make wearing your Club Vibe 2.0H, while out and about, a much sexier proposition. You can go to the club or concert and turn it on full speed or have it quietly humming while out to dinner.

In your hand the Club Vibe 2.0H is quite lightweight, but manages to feel substantial. The remote half could be seen as feeling cheap because it’s super lightweight, but I liked that it was easy to hold. It also feels very expensive, despite its respectable $80 price tag. Part of that luxurious feeling is the USb rechargeable 4+ hour battery and overall quality construction. That sort of finish is something you don’t tend to get at this price point from bigger companies.

I can’t even begin to describe how soft the finish on the Club Vibe 2.0H feels. I don’t even need to turn it on; I could just rub it all over. It’s not plush but the matte PU coating on the ABS plastic gives it a silky texture that feels great on skin and vulvas.

As far as performance, Club Vibe 2.0H is powerful. This is great for people who love some strong and direct stimulation… it was just a bit too strong for me.


Turn offs

I wasn’t a fan of the overall performance; it mostly just made my nether regions numb. It took me a lot longer than usual to finally have an orgasm, which was actually kind of frustrating.

If you put Club Vibe 2.0H into club mode it will vibrate to the beat of any music playing and will respond to someone’s voice. I think this is the most interesting feature of the vibrator, but I hardly got to experience it. Either Club Vibe 2.0H  isn’t really suited for simply playing music in the privacy of your own home – unless you have an amazing sound system that makes your neighbors hate you. I feel like this feature is specifically meant for the club. I tried talking into it but you have to talk into it at a high volume to get a response. You certainly won’t get much from sexy whispers.

I hate when people use non-standard batteries. We all use AA, AAA, C, D and those watch batteries. Everyone has at least one of these batteries in their house, but no one has a 23A Size 12V battery. Where do you even find those types of batteries? I googled it and found that you may be able to get it for a dollar. But, in general, it’s a giant pain in the ass. Also, I can’t I don’t think you can use Club Vibe 2.0H vibrator without the remote. So, even though the actual toy is rechargeable, I need that stupid battery.


Other info


Although the panties are one-size-fits-most, I don’t know how many “most” really refers to. I’m quite petite and they were too small for me.

As small as the Club Vibe 2.0H is, it manages to seem extremely bulky when worn in the underwear. That kind of makes it hard to wear out to the club as well, and you can definitely feel it as you sit down making it rather uncomfortable.

Club Vibe 2.0H isn’t waterproof but I really wish it was. I’d like the option to go swimming or take a shower with a partner.


Bottom line


OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H is a vibrator that has me torn. Overall the concept is great. I love the design, the texture and the fact that it has a wireless remote control. On the other hand, the battery size for the remote is so random and inconvenient and the club mode needs some work. On the whole, OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H is a powerful, sleek, fairly-priced and ergonomic vibrator that may be just what you’re looking for.

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