Fleshjack Sword Review - Flexible Pleasure

As much as I loved the Fleshlight Flight, I always felt like it should do more. With a flexible casing and unique styling (inside and out), the Fleshjack Sword does a bit more and it definitely made a difference. I just don’t know if I would pick it over its aerodynamic brother.

Fleshjack Sword by Fleshlight ($59.95)

What: Masturbation sleeve

Materials: SuperSkin

Body safe: 7/10


  • Height: 8.5 in
  • Weight: 21 oz
  • Latex & phthalates free

Turn ons

The main features of Fleshjack’s Sword are its flexible casing and unique “sword” texture. Normally this myopic iteration is a recipe for disaster (see: HTC EVO 3D) but the flexible case and sleeve texture changed the dynamic enough that I haven’t given my Flight more than side-eye since the Sword arrived.

This may surprise you but I actually prefer the “sword” texture to the Flight’s “pilot” texture. The “sword” texture is really more like ribbed and it mimics the sensation of anal. This texture provides lots of repetitive stimulation to the cockhead and intensifies when you stroke faster but doesn’t overwhelm. The texture grips the penis shaft well and provides decent amount of friction.

Sword’s flexible case was a bit of a curious oddity to me the first couple times I used it. I expected the change to be much bigger but really you barely notice it. It’s subtly is part of the brilliance. Most of the compliments I gave to the Sword on its texture came as a result of being able to increase the sleeve’s contact with my cock. I had not realized I was instinctively changing the pressure of my grip until I held it at the top and felt the difference without my hand around the case. The softer case allows you to really feel what’s going on with the sleeve texture, a feature I think most Fleshjack/light owners will enjoy.

The shaft of the Sword is much bigger than the Original Fleshlight and Fleshlight Flight, it’s not any more or less difficult to hold. I have hands that are on the high end of average and tend to have little problem gripping most things. The case’s finish has a bit of friction and makes gripping easier, which comes in handy especially when your hands are covered in lube.

It goes without saying that the Fleshlight SuperSkin material feels stellar. There’s just no competing with its flesh-like flexibility, temperature response and durability. It’s also easy to clean with just warm water.

Turn offs

It’s easy to clean but – since the SuperSkin is porous – you can’t sterilize it. If you’re going to be the only one using it, this isn’t a problem but you’ll need to use a condom if you want to use this with multiple partners.

I made a big deal about the Fleshlight Flight’s light weight body. I cannot make the same statements about the Sword. While they both are roughly the same height (there’s a couple mm or so if difference) the Sword is quite a bit heavier (Flight 14.4 oz vs Sword 21 oz). It may not be a deal breaker but and it’s noticeable.

As with all the Fleshlight/Fleshjacks, the Sword was a louder than I would like. When the stopper at the bottom is removed, it’s pretty quiet and wouldn’t arouse suspicion in the next room. With the stopper in – however – it makes a loud whistling noise. This means that – unless you live alone – you have to take out the stopper, which means your orgasm has the potential to shoot out the open hole. I just used my finger to block it but it’s still annoying.

Other stuff

The $60 price tag will probably be the biggest deciding factor here. If you enjoy the pros and the cons aren’t a big deal, then it will be worth it. For me, I would prefer save $10 and get a flight instead. I have seen the Sword on sale for $50 and at that point it’s all a matter of your preference.

If this texture is one you must have, this model is your only option.

Bottom Line

The Fleshjack Sword by Fleshlight is a pretty decent contender for your masturbatory time. If you don’t have a Fleshlight/Fleshjack of are in need of one that hungs your penis tighter, the Sword is definitely one you may want to consider.

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