Azealia Banks' 20 sexiest Instagram photos


Late last year we introduced you to the short-but-satisfying ice cold glass of chocolate milk that is NY-based rapper Azealia Banks. Back then we were giving her props reminding the world that darker skinned beauties have just as much to offer; usually more, if we’re really measuring ASSetts. Now it’s time to get a little closer.

If you don’t follow Azealia Banks’ Instagram, you’re missing out. Miss thing is serving body and face but – most importantly – she loves to show off both. You may not like licorice but this bisexual, long-weaved, juicy-assed, plump-lipped licorice bitch is about to change all that.

As you can clearly see, Banks is bad and it’s not just the body. There’s something incredibly alluring and sensual yet fresh and fun about her. That’s an impressive especially when you consider that she still manages regularly showcase her weird art student side.

I can’t quite but my finger in on it but somehow she manages to give you a taste without touching your tongue. It’s mature and sexy in a way that reminds me a lot of Aaliyah, which is saying a lot.  

You can expect to see more of Azealia Banks and her creamy Hershey’s Kiss hips in 2013. Her debut album Broke with Expensive Taste will be out later this month. Although, it was supposed to be out late last year; I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, you can take some time to appreciate the rest of her goodies.

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