The Cookie Sutra - A Tasty Review

The Cookie Sutra by Edward Jaye is filled with sweet, creamy comedy and a bit of charm. Together, it's a great recipe for a fun time. | | |

The sex position book genre is one that is permeated by half-hearted regurgitations of the same garbage. But – every now and then – there’s one with a few ingredients the others lack, which gives you something to sink your teeth into. The sweet confection known as The Cookie Sutra, has quite a few ingredients other sex position books lack.

The Cookie Sutra by Edward Jaye ($8.95)

What: Gingerbread cookie themed Kama Sutra based sex position book

Format: Physical

Published: 2005

Pages: 60

Turn ons

Right off the bat, the whimsical animation and design is a winner. Who knew you could make sex so cutesy?

I love that they included both foreplay and aftercare as a part of the instruction. I mean, would you bake your cookies without preheating the oven and letting the dough rest?

While reading The Cookie Sutra, I kept finding myself giggling. The writing is quick, quip-y and full of puns; together, that’s a solid recipe for an enjoyable read.

I’ve looked at a few couple Kama Sutra books in my time and they usually talk a lot. I really enjoyed that The Cookie Sutra had only about 50 words per position. The brief descriptions simply tell you why the position will warm your oven and – sometimes – offers tips on how to make the positions more sexy or fun.

The books positions are organized well, which gives a nice progression into the more complex positions at the end of the book.

I do appreciate that the book doesn’t seem have a specifically gendered reader in mind. When they talk about the partners they generally say him/her, which opens it up to a lot more people.

Can I just say, I adore that they put an actual gingerbread cookie recipe in the back of the book. I didn’t make it because I’m on a low carb diet but it looked pretty solid to my certified pastry chef eyes.

Turn offs

Although mostly free of gendered adjectives, the ones that are there suggest a heteronormative relationship. Would have preferred if they took the extra step to make it gender neutral. We’re talking about cookies after all.

I would have liked to have seen tips for each position featured. Some have them but I feel like if you’re going to talk about sex positions it might help to offer some direction.

Notable quotes

“The Scissors, for example, is highly pleasurable and relatively simple position. Less successful adaptations include such inspired positions as ‘The Sifter,’ ‘The Pastry Bag,’ and ‘The Rolling Pin.’” – Page 56

“This position is a simple way to add variety and excitement. Not unlike colored sprinkles or cinnamon dots.” – Page 18

“This embrace has been compared to the way a serpent, or a vine, winds its way around a tree. Or the way dough will sometimes stick and wrap itself around the rolling pin.” – Page 10

Bottom line

With “The Cookie Sutra,” Edward Jaye made a sweet and genuinely entertaining beginners guide to sexual positions. While not the most in depth look at the anatomical origami of sexual positions, you’ll probably have a couple fun nights giggling from the ridiculousness.

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