20 of Chris Pratt's sexiest shirtless pics before and after the weight loss


I recently got into watching Parks and Recreation on HULU; it’s funny, sex positive and I’ll watch almost anything Rob Lowe does because he’s amazing.  It doesn’t hurt that I also have a major crush on Chris Pratt, the 33-year-old cuddly actor who plays the lovable goof Andy Dwyer.

There’s something incredible sexy about a hot guy who is both funny and pants meltingly cute. On screen he comes across as aloof and completely confident. Plus, he is frequently in some state of undress. So, that’s fun.

He’s been in a bunch of other stuff, like Wanted with fellow hotties James McAvoy & Angelina Jolie. In Wanted our decidedly unassuming gentle giant (he’s 6’2”, *swoon*) gets a bit naughty by banging out some lucky chick on an Ikea table (watch below). Lucky bitch. Seeing as he put a ring on Anna Farris’ finger, I guess she would be the luckiest one.


You’ll get to see more of in the next couple years as he was recently cast as Peter Quill in Marvel’s upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

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