What is the best sexual position to please woman?


Sex is a lot like Tetris. The whole game is about filling all the different holes and spaces with an array of oddly shaped boxes. Usually, the pieces don’t fit perfectly but you can twist them and shift them to make it work. That’s what most sex is like. Then there are times where we get the perfect pieces and we achieve that allusive 4 line combo. However, fun part is the not knowing which piece if coming next.

There is no single magical position. Every penis/vagina combo creates different sensations. What works for one woman may not work for another. Remember, women and their vaginas are individuals not some homologous group of clones.

You should spend time with each of your partners getting to know their vagina. Talk with your partners, discuss what they like.  

If we knew the exact buttons to push with every partner, sex would be so boring! The time we spend getting to know our partners intimate parts, likes, and preferences can be more fun than the actual sex. Instead of focusing on becoming a master of all pussy, why don’t you focus on mastering each pussy?

This can be more comfortable within the confines of a romantic or friends with benefits relationship. However, if you like to have one night stands don’t be afraid to ask what it is that you’re partner needs to be satisfied. It’s always good to have a repertoire of sexual techniques but there is no shame in simply asking for directions.

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