WHat is the real average penis size?


It is an age-old question. Is it the size of the ship or the motion in the ocean? Personally, I would rather have Pinky and a Brain rather than a Rocky and Bullwinkle, if you know what I mean. I know, as you should as well, that the brain is the biggest sex organ and stimulation of the mind is a must. I am sure the multitude of websites and Enzyte commercials would beg to differ. They would have you to believe that if you dick is not 28" with a raging erection at all times then there is something wrong with what you've got going on. However, the facts are not nearly as ridiculous or unobtainable. Fellas, grab that tape measure from the nightstand... don't worry I'll wait.

The average erect penis is actually about 5.1 to 6.0 inches long and about 4.85in around. Understand that the aroused vagina is about 5 to 7 inches. Meaning if you thought having that 28" raging hard on was a good thing, you are wrong. As anyone will tell you, a penis stabbing their cervix or peritoneal cavity is not even remotely pleasurable. Also, don’t think that if you have a larger penis you are some kind of freak, there are tons of people who prefer a larger penis.

As a man, there is no reason why the entirety of your sexuality should be based on six cubic inches of flesh. You should regard the penis as a tool give and receive pleasure. If you feel that you are inadequate, ask you partner how they feel. If your partner says your penis is plenty, then take that to be the truth. If your partner says that you are inadequate, then one he/she is a douche for letting you continue to do a lackluster job and two I think T-Boz of the famed R&B group TLC said it best in their hit song 'Girl Talk', "If you ain't swinging, jut put your tongue in it."... Around it or on it, whatever "it" may be. Take some time to ask what you can do to please your partner(s). I am sure that if they don't know, you can have one hell of a time figuring it out together. For more info on penis size, visit Wikipedia

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