This dating mistake is so common. Are you doing it, too?


This man to the left is Louis CK. Louis CK is a sexy motherfucker.  That hairy, pudgy, misshapen, balding, ginger, middle-aged, divorced, father of two happens to be one of the sexiest people living today.

Pudgy, misshapen, balding . . . none of that sounds attractive. However, in a game of “marry, fuck, kill” with Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Louis CK, Team Jacob is going to die. Now, I can’t pass up a chance at Emmett Cullen, but it’s Lucky Louie I’d want for the long run.

What does Louie have that those abtastic Twilight Saga stars don’t? A personality.

When it comes to attraction, physical appearance is always first. The way someone looks is what grabs your eye or pushes it away. Let’s face it, ugly people do not often get a second look; Depending on how ugly, we may want to forget the first. Being the animals that we are, someone who is physically attractive will always have the immediate edge. A nice rack, on women and men, will catch someone’s attention. However, if your conversation is lacking or you’re dumber than a bag of rocks, that attention will wane. You must have  personality, charm, confidence, or lots of money in order to keep that attention coming.

Louie is smart, witty, brave, and funny as hell.  As a standup comedian most of his career is spent on stage furnishing a personality and wit that he can project. Other people are not as lucky. Most of our socialization is spent with other personality deficient people. That is not conducive to building great conversation skills or a depth of character.  The vast majority of us only learn to have and appreciate it once father time has begun to chip away at their youth.