Tantus Juice Plug proves more is less - Review

 Tantus Juice Plug

Tantus Juice Plug

When I want to get really dirty, I’ve got to make sure to play with my backdoor. With its sleek design high quality, the Tantus Juice Plug is a welcome addition in my toy box and backdoor.


Tantus Juice Plug

Price: $38.99

What: Classic butt plug

Material: Silicone

Body Safe: 10/10


  • Length – 4.5”
  • Max. Diameter – 1.4”
  • Base – 2”




The feel of the toy, made from hypoallergenic and phthalate-free silicone, is luxuriously soft and velvety, and it warms very quickly. Since it’s smooth, you won’t find lint and hair sticking to it.

The plug is small enough for even a casual anal fan to enjoy. With a little lube, it will slide in easily.

Also, on the topic of shape, the plug has a flared end, which means it won't wind up taking a vacation to the dark, inescapable tunnels of your bowels.

The feel of this toy is outstanding. It pushes on the right areas of the nether-regions, and the sensation helped me to orgasm in an unheard-of 30 seconds. To put that into perspective, I usually take over a half hour to finish.

Clean-up is easy -- the toy is washable, boilable and bleachable.

It can be used vaginally as well, although you'll need to thoroughly disinfect it or use a condom to keep from spreading germs from anus to vagina.

Once in, it won't slip out easily. I could do jumping jacks and the thing still didn't come out. Which leads me to the one turn-off...



The shape makes it a little painful to remove after use.

It could be a little heavier, although this wasn't a huge concern of mine.


The Bottom Line:

If you're one for butt stuff, the Tantus Juice Plug may be the perfect fit for you. It has certainly found a place in my bedroom.

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