Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Door Restraint Set review - Awesome restraints, fantastic price

Bottom line: These are my new favorite restraints. With its low price, convenience, high build quality and versatility, Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series Door Restraint Set is definitely sadist Sexpert-Approved. 


Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Door Restraint Set

Price: $20

Materials: Acrylic, velvet


As I’ve gotten more into kink, I’ve been looking for something to make restraining my guy easier. We’ve tried under-the-bed restraints, handcuffs and a few other options, but nothing has been more fun than the Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Door Restraint Set

Pulling the restraints out of the box, they’re pretty traditional looking. They look just like my “Fifty Shades of Grey” restraints but the straps are shorter and not connected. Instead, these feature four separate straps with an anchor bar at one end and a universal cuff on the other. 

The bar is made of a strong PVC material. I’ve smashed each one in the door jam quite a few times now and none have broken or bent. The acrylic straps are strong, like a wide version of the ones used on backpacks. The cuffs are soft and comfortable. Even after several extended play sessions with my corn-fed, 240-pound male sub, they don’t show any signs of wear. 

Setting up the restraints is easier than any restraint sets I’ve used, although I did have to do some DIY. For the ones on top, I simply laid them over the top of the door. The bottom of my door has a gap that’s more than an inch wide, and the anchors are about ¾ inch, so I pulled out some duct tape and attached them to the bottom sides of the door frame. This worked fine for me, but it’s something to keep in mind. 

In use, they proved to be a fantastic addition/alternative to the ones we’ve tried. I’ve wanted to restrain someone standing up for a while but I wasn’t going to spend $700 on one of those huge crosses. Thankfully, these are only about $20. 

The straps are adjustable enough to keep your victim flush against the door or allow them to move about 3½ feet away from it. Both my 360-pound former football player self and my large sub tried to get them to slip, move or break by putting all our weight. We couldn’t do it on purpose and it hasn’t happened accidentally during play.

I really like how versatile these straps are. It comes with four straps and cuffs that can be used anywhere on the body — that means they can be bound by the neck, shoulders, thighs, ankles, wrists or biceps. If you buy an extra set, you can do all of them at the same time. It allows for so many more options to comfortably restrain and keep your sub off-balance.

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