Pipdream Anal Fantasy Prostate Pleazer Review - Solid but kinda meh


Bottom line: Anal Fantasy Collection Prostate Pleazer by Pipedream is a wholly unobjectable sexual aid. While it’s made well and felt good in my butt, I still prefer other toys for my prostate. If this looks like something that might feel good, it’s probably worth the reasonable asking price.


Anal Fantasy Collection Prostate Pleazer by Pipedream

What: Ergonomic prostate stimulator

Price: $10

Material: Silicone

Dimensions: Length – 6” (5” insertable), width – 1.5”


Turn ons

While I’m still not sure how I feel about the overall design of Prostate Pleazer, I will say it’s made very well. There were no seams and the silicone feels smooth and high-quality to the touch.  The silicone is also firm yet very elastic. This gives it a softer feel inside.

While it was difficult to maneuver, once I was able to actually get Prostate Pleazer in my butt, it felt great. The meaty shaft gave me a comfortable level of fullness. It’s not anus stretchingly big but it definitely did the job.

I really like the finish on Prostate Pleazer. For me, a lot of silicone toys create too much drag but this one felt just right. When thrusting it in and out of me, it actually felt a lot like I was being penetrated by a bio penis, which was pretty great.

Although the shape is odd, Prostate Pleazer lives up to it’s name. Once it was fully inserted, it gave a nice, solid massage to my prostate. For my body, the shape is almost perfect. I could do without the extra nub but it’s soft and easy to move out of the way.

I really appreciated the finger loop at the base of Prostate Pleazer. It made using the toy much easier when my hands were covered in lube.

Like all silicone toys, Prostate Pleazer is easy to clean/sterilize, body safe, phthalate-free and latex-free.


Turn offs

For me, Prostate Pleazer was very awkward to use. It required a lot of bending and getting in to some uncomfortable positions in order to make insertion more comfortable.

While it was comfortable to use, there’s no good way to keep it in your butt. Since it’s not a plug, there’s no base for your anus to wrap around.

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