Picobong Take No Evil Whip keeps it light


Sometimes it’s important to let your partner know who’s in charge in the bedroom. A couple slaps­ to their bare ass is a great way to accomplish that. The Take No Evil Whip by Picobong offers the beginning kinkster a chance to let their dominance be known. 


What: Picobong Take No Evil Whip

Manufacturer: Lelo

Material: Neoprene (handle), silicone, (tassels)

Stats: Length – 15”, Handle – (length) 5.25”; (circumference) 3”, three color options 


Turn ons

DESIGN: The design of the Take No Evil Whip by Picobong is pretty dang cute. Its color scheme – we received the blue one – is unmistakably Picobong and will definitely compliment the drab ocean of black and “flesh” colored toys in the bottom of your toy drawer – it also comes in black, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The neoprene covered handle is graspable, soft and completely comfortable even in my large hands. It’s got this pyramid-shaped texture that’s meant to mimic those flat metal studs that covers every inch of Hot Topic. Normally, I wouldn’t like this cliché design choice but I live that they threw bright colors on them; it’s almost like their laughing at the usual image of dark and somber kink play.

MATERIALS: The silicone and neoprene on the Take No Evil whip are remarkably luxurious. The silicone is soft, supple and stretchy; the neoprene is smooth, flawless and grippable. It feels very nice in your hand.

VALUE: At $19.95 US, Picobong’s Take No Evil Whip is a pretty good deal. Even for the casual kinkster, that’s not a high bar to cross.

PERFORMANCE: When it comes to floggers and whips, I’ve only ever used leather, which can really sting. Take No Evil’s soft silicone fingers don’t hurt… at all. I’m a strong dude and, even my swiftest hit, I couldn’t get any hurt. You’re still aware your ass is being slapped – there’s this light-but-sharp sting – but there’s nothing painful.

VERSATILITY: Besides being a fun and playful whip, Take No Evil also doubles as a tickler. The soft silicone fingers give a great, light touch when dragged or bounced on the skin. It’d probably be really good to tickle feet or nipples with.


Turn offs

DESIGN: I wish the handle was an inch or two longer. Even with my big hands, I still had an inch or two of handle left but it made me a little more conscious of needing to keep a good grip.

PERFORMANCE: Although I liked that the soft silicone fingers on the Take No Evil whip didn’t hurt, I wished it did. I feel like if it had just a little bit more sting, it would become instantly more versatile. I feel like a full strength swing should render more than a polite squeal.


Bottom line

If you looking for something to help excite your light BDSM, Take No Evil Whip by Picobong is a great addition to the toy box. While it may not be dungeon ready, it’ll definitely look great in the night stand and add a new dimension of sensation to your sex. 

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