Ode to a Brown Boy - A Poem


You messaged me in late December on okcupid

You were 19.

I was annoyed.

You couldn’t even buy me a drank.

I thought you were a cute, innocent teenager. 

I’ve never been so wrong in my life.

I could swear off white boys right now.

No white boy appreciates my curves.

The way I speak 

My ever changing brown skin

My hair that changes from kinky naps to long flowing weave

My desire to kiss during an Ella Fitzgerald song

The way my hips and ass move to a rap song

Your luscious lips aren’t foreign to me

They feel like home

Your afro is more familiar to me than the stringy blond strands I’ve touched before  

Your slight accent is a reminder that my tongue has it’s own rhythm 

Two sets of brown eyes gazing at each other

Your brown body feels so much better than the pale bodies from before

I could talk about rice and chicken all day with you

When you speak Spanish, it’s nothing different than my vernacular 

I call you “boo” under my breath a lot

Though I’ve called white boys that and I wish I could find another word to describe my affection for you. 

Until then

you’re the brown boy I crush on

my brown bunny…..conejito

My matching set of brown eyes 

and brown skin

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