B Swish BGEE Classic vibe makes g-spots, clits, prostates happy

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In my sophomore year of college, I timidly purchased my first vibrator. It was a bright red, plastic toy, disguised as a “First Aid Kit.” Mind you, I was broke, slightly terrified and absolutely clueless of what mind blowing sensations the world of vibrators and massagers had to offer. My little, red First Aid Kit blew my mind, and I’ve been a fan ever since. You could say that I’ve become a vibrator enthusiast. That being said, BGEE Classic by B Swish has become a very well used and approved personal favorite for adult fun both on your own and with a friend... or two.

TL;DR Summary: Cute, small, versatile and powerful g-spot/prostate pleasure at a good price.

BGEE Classic by B Swish ($28.50 US)

What: G-spot vibrator

Material: ABS plastic, polyurethane coating

Power: 2 AAA (Not included)

Intensity: 7/10

Noise: 4/10

Stats: Length 7" (18 cm) Width 1" (2c.5m)

Features: Waterproof


Turn ons:

PACKAGING: Props must be given to the BGEE Classic packaging. Sleek, elegant, feminine and seductive.

FINISH: The texture of the polyurethane plastic coating on BGEE Classic is smooth, soft to the touch and non-tacky.

DESIGN: The BGEE Classic’s has a classic wand-shaped design with an angled tip for easy access and manipulation of both the g-spot and Skene’s gland. The length and slim body allowed me to comfortably hold it in place in various positions.

CONTROLS: The control for the BGEE Classic’s 5 variable settings is located on the battery cap. One click changes the speed to the next highest function. By the way, I absolutely love this little detail as it is much more practical than the spin-top settings as seen on the Doc Johnson Black Magic and many other vibes.

PERFORMANCE: The user friendly design made it easy and fun to use the toy to play with myself alone and with my boyfriend. For use on myself, I ended up using it to tickle between my thighs, for direct contact on my clitoris and of course to massage that glorious g spot. Trust, this one had me singing at the top of my lungs.

BGEE Classic made the hunt for the g spot fun and exciting for the both of us. When it was found, we got to rediscover it over and over and over again using the different speed functions to see which one offered the best stimulation. I also ended up using it to massage and tickle under my boyfriend’s balls. He thoroughly enjoyed the sensation on its own and as well as an additive to other activities.

WATERPROOF: It’s waterproof! I’m a Scorpio; not sure if being a water sign has anything to do with my love for being immersed in water, but if it does, the world will make a lot more sense. Long showers, date nights with the boyfriend at the hot tubs or naughty skinny dipping fun, this toy will definitely be coming along to add that extra punch of pleasure.

CLEAN: Super easy to clean. Soap and water or toy cleaner is all that is necessary.


Turn offs

SIZE: If you are looking for girth, this toy is not for you. It is very specific to massaging specific areas of your walls. It is not a vibrating dildo.

BATTERY CAP: I had some trouble putting the cap on while removing the batteries. Though for the most part I was always able to put it back on, it was frustrating at times a slight mood killer, and lessened some of my initial excitement.

NOISE: Unfortunately, if you are looking for discretion, this is not the toy for you as it can be somewhat loud.


Other info

PROSTATE: Haven’t gotten around to trying it just yet, but using the BGEE on my boyfriend for a prostate massage is on my to-do-list. It is definitely a couple-friendly toy and together we are exploring all of the ways we can both enjoy it.


Bottom line

I’m am definitely a fan! It does exactly what it was designed to do and then some. The overall design, intensity of speed, and multi-uses makes it a must have toy to have at home. Enjoy!


Review unit provided by B Swish

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