7 reasons slutty women are better in bed

This guest post was written by Slutty Girl Problems. They recently published a guest post of mine you should check it out: Rimming 101: Everything You Need to Know

Sexually empowered women often get a bad reputation. We’re labeled as easy, trashy, dirty, loose, full of STDs -- not someone you want to sleep with. Yet, we have no trouble finding partners who are more than happy to share a bed with us and keep coming back for more. The stereotypes you’ve heard are more than outdated and inaccurate -- they entirely negate the sexy benefits of freedom, confidence, and experience in the bedroom! Lose your fear of the sexually empowered woman: sleeping with a “slut” might just be your favorite sexual memory yet! Here are 7 reasons why.


1. She does her kegels.

Contrary to the popular belief that being sexually active can make you “loose”, having orgasms actually works out your pelvic floor muscles to make you tighter. Not only does this mean a more gripping sensation for whoever’s inside, but a more powerful orgasm with pulsing sensation for her when she orgasms.


2. They're in control of her orgasm.

This girl knows what she likes in bed and has no problem communicating it to you. An experienced partner has had the pleasure of exploring what they like in bed, so they have a good grasp of what turns them on and gets them off. Rather than waiting for you to find their favorite spot, they’ll likely let you know if you need to move a little to the left, go faster, or change positions.


3. They know how to bring you to orgasm.

Having been around the block, this bae knows all your hottest erogenous zones, and exactly how to stroke and tease them to bring you to the edge of ecstasy, ease off, then push you over the edge again. Forget dated, misguided magazine tips. This girl has read advice from the experts and already put tips to practice to know exactly what works and what’s a flop.


4. They're enthusiastic.

 Tired of a motionless starfish in your bed? Forget the melancholy hookups of the past. A broad who’s been around the block and proud is more than likely excited, open-minded, and passionate in the bedroom. She's not one to (literally) lay back and let you do all the work. In fact, she’s the first one to push you to the sheets and climb on top! Who doesn’t love extra enthusiasm in bed (or on the table, or in the shower…)?


5. They're in control of their sexual health.

 A super common misconception is that experienced women must be dirty or have STD’s. Quite the contrary. An experienced woman is often very aware of her sexual health, the risks, protective options, and will use preventative measures like birth control and condoms. Whereas someone who is misinformed, or thinks "You can’t get pregnant the first time…” or “if you’re on top…” might not have the knowledge to fully protect themselves.


6. They may be okay with no strings attached.

 Not all sluts are down for no strings attached sex, but if you’re looking for a fun one-night-stand, FWB, or booty call without an emotional attachment, finding an experienced girl with the same values and exceptions as you is much better than breaking the heart of someone who was expecting more. If you’re both down for the same arrangement, you can set the ground rules ahead of time, openly and honestly discuss your expectations, talk about how your casual fling will work, and mutually agree on something that’s satisfying for both of you. Of course, sometimes you catch feelings… but a person who's able to separate physical and emotional intimacy will lead to less broken hearts than someone who can't help but get attached.


7. They're not embarrassed by awkward sex things.

 Slapping noises, sweaty bodies, strange smells, queefing… just a few of the awkward things that can and do happen during sex. Someone new to sex might get totally turned-off and feel like the moment is ruined when these awkward but normal things happen in the bedroom. However, someone who’s experienced knows that “normal” sex means it’s awkward sometimes, and that’s totally okay too! Embarrassment and shame have no place in the bedroom… and someone who really owns their sexuality knows that awkward IS normal! 


So, let go of that outdated “slut” stereotype, and open your mind to the modern day sexually empowered woman! Sexual experience is full of pleasure-boosting power, and the sexy benefits of confidence are unmatched in the bedroom! Kick slut-shaming to the curb, and invite sex-positivity to your bedroom. We promise you won’t regret it!

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