Yes, semen can cause a powerful laxitive effect. Here's why...

 Hope this doesn't happen to you.

Hope this doesn't happen to you.

Sex can cause a million odd reactions in the body. Of all the ones I’ve experienced in my years of fucking around, semen functioning as a laxative is definitely the oddest — so far.

Yes, you read that right. Like White Castle burgers, semen can cause a powerful laxative effect. Since this seems to be a pretty rare occurrence, the science behind it is thin but I’ll do my best to explain.

Semen itself is actually pretty good for you, even in large quantities. As long as the person producing the semen doesn’t have any STIs, it’s essentially a near-perfect nutrient source. Like nuts, fruits, eggs and every reproductive vessel, semen is a collection of almost everything a growing organism needs to sustain life until it can get its own nutrients.

Semen is made of a well-balanced mixture of water, sugar, fat, sperm cells, vitamins, minerals, acids, proteins, hormones and enzymes. So if you could drink enough of it, you could probably live on that and extra water alone. Think of it like an unofficial superfood.

Since semen itself is good for you, it’s probably not what’s actually causing the laxative effect. In fact, nothing I’ve ever read on the subject has suggested semen as the culprit. The best answer currently to why semen can cause a laxative effect is that it’s an allergic response.

For most people, they may only ever come across one person who will create this response with their semen; this was my experience. Out of the hundreds of men I’ve tasted, only one caused this to happen to me. Since I used to taste him a lot during high school and was never one to spit, I had to deal with this very often.

In my experience, it happened like I’d eaten something my body simply didn’t agree with. I never felt nausea or an upset tummy, just a sudden and immediate urge to go to the bathroom. Once I was done, it was over and I didn’t have any further symptoms until I gobbled up more of his semen after school the next day.

Considering that his semen also made my tongue numb at times (another common allergic response), my guess was that his specific blend of jizz simply didn’t agree with my body. When that’s combined with the little bit of science we have available, it seems like that’s the best answer to why it happens.

If this is happening to you and spitting out their gift of semen is simply against your moral code, there are ways to keep swallowing and keep from experiencing an unfortunate bout of diarrhea afterward.


So far, the best ways I’ve found are:

  • Swallowing semen on a full stomach
  • Drinking water directly after swallowing
  • Taking Pepto, Immodium or another anti-diarrhea pill right before you start sucking their cock
  • Try swallowing more often to get your body used to their semen.


If none of these work, you could try putting their cum in another of your holes, spit or let it cover your face. I know the latter two might be sacrilegious to some, but if shitting yourself is the other option, the whore gods might have to forgive your sin.

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