15 shirtless pics of Turkish oil wrestlers


For a guy who doesn’t enjoy sports very much – despite spending 18 months as a lineman in high school – I sure do love athletes. It’s my personal opinion that each and every sport is only justified by the hotness of their men. If that’s true then that would explain why Turkish Oil Wrestling has been around for over 700 years.

Originally, this incredibly sexy sport was played naked. After the 10th century, changes in Islamic law forced the players to switch to leather lederhosen – called a kisbet – to cover their bits. What hasn’t changed is the general sport, which is played by shirtless, sun-bronzed, Turkish men who are covered in olive oil and can be won by sticking one’s hand down your opponent’s kisbet.

I have a feeling that this sport – also known as Yagli – is a vestige of that period prior to the introduction of religious shame in Mediterranean culture. That’s where you get all those free-love stories about Greeks and Romans.

With how out of place this sport – and all wrestling really – is in modern culture, one can only hope we can bring back traditional values such as sexy men doing sexy stuff with each other in front of a bunch of people. Nakedness is a virtue, people!

Makes sure to check out our Sexy Turkish Oil Wrestler Photo Gallery below!

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