Clara, Rose, River, Rory, who's Doctor Who's sexiest companion?

As a Whovian, I sometimes like to nerd out. Today is most definitely one of those times.

With the new season of Doctor Who debuting a couple weeks ago, they introduced us to a new companion: Clara “Oswin” Oswald played by British cutie Jenna-Louise Coleman. While The Doctor normally travels with one attractive companion or another, his latest is definitely the hottest.

Coleman with her 34DDs, olive skin and adorable/devilish face has definitely made a splash. So, obviously, I had to collect some of her sexiest images available. Then, I thought to myself “Why would you stop there?” So, I didn’t.

I collected the sexiest images of all of the new series companions. Most of the companions didn’t really have much but a few – I’m looking at your nipples Alex Kingston and Billie Piper – were quite sexy. You can than me later.

The gallery is NSFW due to the aforementioned nipplage, FYI.

There are no items to display from the selected collection.

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