Calypso 2 by California Exotics Review - It won't be the only thing getting wet

Calypso 2's remote is actually cute and easy to hold.

Having never tried a vibe with a cord, I was admittedly curious to try out California Exotics Couture Collection Calypso 2. It’s a good thing I followed my curiosity because it had my kitty cat was purring all night.

Calypso 2 by California Exotics Couture Collection – ($20.99)

What: wired remote controlled bullet vibe

Body Safe: 10/10

Materials: Hard Plastic/Silicone

Noise: 2/10

Power: 2 AAA


  • Bullet Length: 3 1/4"
  • Bullet Circumference: 3 1/4”
  • Bullet Diameter: 1 1/2”
  • Cord Length: 37”
  • Total Weight (w/batt): 3.4 oz


For its size, Calypso 2 packs a powerful punch. It is intended for clitoral stimulation but it is also great on the vaginal opening, and other erogenous zones. It’s simple, ribbed shape is something that can be enjoyed both inside and out. Over all the design was simple, bold and effective.

Calypso 2 bullet is made from hypo-allergenic silicone, the remote is hard plastic and the cord is made of PVC.  The smooth nature of the silicone and the ribs make for a pleasurable contrast when moving it around. The smoothness also allows a dab of lube to go a long way. The ribs spiral and thin out around the wire, this makes for a convenient shape/size that is easily gripped. 

Calypso 2 has a nifty little control panel with an adorable blue splash pattern design. The control panel is made out of a matte (rear) and glossy (front) hard plastic.  Turning-on and controlling the bullet is simple. The panel has a power button and a button that controls the vibration setting.  Since its power button and vibration button are separate, it's less likely to accidentally turn on in a bag.

It has a – longer than listed – 37” cord, which can get tangled. But it’s also long enough to not hinder your fun if you want to move around or set the remote on the floor while you’re in a bath.

It has seven settings all together including: steady vibration, pulsation, and an escalation of vibration intensity.  This bullet is strong enough to tickle any of your fancies. The vibrations can be intense. The stronger vibration settings are also excellent for getting knots out of sore muscles or clits. The strength is comparable to the Lelo Mia 2.

Cleaning isn't a chore, simply running soap and water over it will do the trick. It helps the entire device is waterproof. I didn’t submerge the remote control, though; I liked it too much to tempt fate like that.  

In general, it’s pretty quiet.

Turn offs

But – because of how intensely this bullet vibrates – it can be a bit loud at higher settings.

Bottom line

Calypso 2 by California Exotics Couture Collection is bound to make a splash in your vagina.  With its strong vibrations, thoughtful design and low price point, it’s a winner all around.

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