Renegade Vibrating Massager II - Review

Excuse the lint, lol

Excuse the lint, lol

There are toys that work, toys that don’t and toys that work then don’t. The Renegade Vibrating Massager II is the latter of the three. It works… very well but then it doesn’t. As with most electronics these days, the battery is the fatal flaw of this otherwise near perfect device.  But if you’re non-vibrating but otherwise near perfectly ergonomic toy, you can’t do much better.

The Renegade Vibrating Massager II by N S Novelties is a silicone vibrating prostate/g-spot massager. It’s not super powerful like the Colt Prowler but its clever and perfectly ergonomic design more than makes up for the lack of vrooms.

Despite its moderately powered vibrator, the vibrations are quite efficiently delivered to the tip from the base. When it comes to prostate and g-spot stimulation, direct stimulation is best and Renegade delivers. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure it makes up for the short battery life but not for the reason you might think.

When your smartphone’s battery dies, it’s a tragedy-and-a-half. When your world changing and orgasm forcing prostate stimulator’s battery dies moments before what would have been a cripplingly pleasurable orgasm, things are quite a bit more serious.

The troublesome bullet vibe

The troublesome bullet vibe

This actually happened to me on my first use of the Renegade. I was using the batteries that came with the device and it just shut off on me. Normally, this would trigger a MacGuyver-like search for batteries. But, because life is unfair, the little bullet that gives the Renegade its vrooms uses LR44-3 watch batteries and that’s a damn shame.

Since then, I’ve used it more sparingly and to great effect. I think that’s mainly due to how ridiculously ergonomic this thing is. Unlike most previous anal toys that I’ve tried, Renegade’s shape is perfectly suited for my body. The bend of the body and tip hits my prostate like the Tyson hit Holyfield, direct and firm.

The Renegade is quite pretty. It’s a very butch design but still elegant and feels elegant in person. The silicone is smooth like butter and feels great in your hand and during use, even when covered in lube.

The only part of the design that I find confusing is the conically-studded base. I get what it’s there for but it didn’t really add much to my overall experience.

The size is just right. It’s 5” tall – with 4” insertable – and measures 8.75” in length overall. At its widest point, it’s about 1.5” wide (diameter); at its most narrow, it’s 7/8” wide. This should be a good size for most people.

Since I lack a g-spot, I’m not sure how usable it’s for that. But the hooked design would give you a great angle. The textured base would work well when pressed against your clit.

Overall, I love the Renegade Vibrating Massager II by N S Novelties. While I wish the battery lived longer, was rechargeable or used a different type, I still have no problem for people who want something for quick vibration fun or long prostate pressing power. It’s well worth the $34 for either one of those purposes.

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