Victor Warring

Name: Victor Warring

Gender & pronouns: he/him

Birth year: 1966

Race/Ethnic Origin: Black

Nationality: USA

Language: English

What do you do?: Somatic (Body-Centered) Sexuality Education and Coaching

Focus/specialty: Somatic Re-Wilding of Eroticism, New Relationship Paradigms, Reclaiming Pleasure as Birthright.

Credentials, awards, recognitions, etc.: MA Somatic Therapy
Somatic Sexuality Educator/Sexological Bodywork Training

Real life experience: : I have been working with individuals, relationships (all types) and communities to connect more deeply and in embodied ways with their eroticism for over 7 years.

Location info: Ashland, OR 97520 USA


Phone:  (303) 875-0878

Where esle can people find you and your work?: Facebook: